Friday, August 4, 2017

Why You Could Soon Be Missing A Cup Of Darjeeling Tea

An Expert Report Stated Failure Of Carrying Out A Proper Feasibility Study Caused The The Leakage Of Uma Oya Tunnel

The report prepared and handed over to the President
Maihripala Sirisena yesterday (04)by a Norwegian expert Bent Agard on the leakage of the water in main tunnel of the proposed Uma Oya multipurpose project stated that  the failure to carrying out a proper feasibility study and enviornmental analysis before starting the project is the main cause for the water leak and drying up of water sources in surrounding areas.

The report prepared by the Norwegian expert had suggested a special method needed to be adapted to cover the leakage in the main tunnel of Uma Oya project.Report also proposed to use a strong cement mixture to cover up the water leakage of the tunnel and to use new cement pasting machines to cover the leakage before commencing further excavations of the main tunnel.

The inquiry was carried out by the Norwegian expert as per the request made by the Sri Lankan Government .The Uma Oya project was innaugurated during the previous regime and a large number of people in the surrounding areas of the project had carried out protests recently against the problems faced by them due to the project.


Four Sri Lankans Arrested At Katunayake Airport With Around 16 Kilo Grammes Of Wallapatta

The officers attached to the narcotics bureau of the
Airport customs had arrested four sri lankans while attempting to smuggle around  16 kilo grammes of an expensive Wallapatta out of the country at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport last night (04).

The four suspects were arrested while attempting to smuggle the stock of Wallapatta use to manufacture an expensive perfumes to Dubai via Mumbai ,India.

Airport customs have fined the suspects Rs.700,000 each and confiscated the stock of Wallapatta worth around Rs.12 million.

Three Students Remanded Over Damaging Health Ministry Property Released On Bail

Three out of the five university students arrested and
remanded over forcibly entering the Ministry of Health and damaged the property had realeased on bail by the Colombo High court yesterday (04).

The suspected students Dimuthu lakshan,Dinesh maduranga and Faisal ahamed were released on surety bail of Rs.1 million each and a cash bail of Rs.10,000 each after considering the bail applications filed by them.

However the main suspects of the case the conveners of Inter University Students Federation and Inter University Bhikku students federation Lahiru Weerasekare and Tampitiye Sugathanande Thero have been not relaesed and their bail applications are due to be considered on 08th of August .

A School Girl Was Killed After A Van Running Away Over Her

A school girl was killed on the spot after a van veering
off the road and running away over her  on Ehaliyagoda-Dehiowita road yesterday (04).

The van collided with a wall after running away over the school girl according to the Awissawella police.The girl was found dead  after stuck between the van and the wall according to the reports.

The accident was occurred due to the  driver of the van falling a sleep while driving it has been revealed. The van  driver had fled away from the scene after the accident and surrendered to the Ruwanwella police where he was arrested and handed over to the Awissawella Police later.
Nominusun ha ayuthu prayojana gannan uda damamin owunwa awahira nokara langin adaren  thabaganna sabawatama diri ganwannan ha weradi penwa dennan aka maka damana thanak  athnam apuru eya nam  Samaja madya jalayay.


The Lorry Driver Caused The Collapsing Of A Sign Board Arrested

Grandpass Police have arrested the driver of the
Container Lorry which caused the collapse of a sign board to  the Colombo -Kandy road near new Kelaniya Bridge this morning (04).

The lorry which use to tansport vehicles trasported a cement mixture when the lorry colliding with the sign board it has been revealed.

Due to the collapse of the sign board a heavy traffic had reported in Colombo-Kandy road and Katunayake-Colombo expressway and surrounding areas this morning.

However the sign board was later removed by the authorities.

A Boy And A Girl Had Committed Suicide By Jumping In To Belihuloya

A 18 year old boy and a 15 year old girl had committed
suicide by jumping in to a Belihuloya in mathurata,Nuwara Eliya near the morapaya temple.

The boy was a resident of Hewahata area and the  girl was resident of Dunuke area and they were lovers  it has been revealed.

Five Day Anti SAITM Protest March Reached Colombo Fort

The five day Anti SAITM Protest march  begun from
University of Peradeniya premises last Monday (31) had reached Colombo Fort railway station as it's final destination this evening (04).

Due to the protest march heavy traffic had reported from Olcott Mawatha (Road) this evening.

Medical/University students,Inter University Students Federation and Medical Faculty Lecturers Association members and trade unionists have been participated the protest march which begun it's last day today from Kadawatha arpund 11.30 a.m.

Two Court orders had issued to the organizers of the protest march and one is preventing entry to Temple Trees the Prime Ministers office,US Embassy and Indian Embassy during the march and other order banning any act caused inconvenience to the public.

After the protest march reached the Colombo Fort railway station a protest rally was held with the participation of several opposition party members.

More Than 10 Persons Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus-Train Collision

More than 10 persons were  injured and hospitalized
after the Bus they were travelling in colliding with a Train travelling from Colombo to Mannar at a railway crossing in Manikfarm area in Settikulam this evening (04).

The Bus was toppled over after colliding with the train and the injured have been admitted to the Settikulam Hospital for treatment.The condition of the Bus driver is critical according to the sources.


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79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

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