Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Government Has Failed To Find A Single Major Accusation Against Chief Justice -Mr.Lal Kantha

The Government has included 14 different accusations in impeachment motion against chief justice Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranaike after failed to find a single major  accusation against her the  president of National Trade Union Center Mr.Lal Kantha has claimed today(28).the aim of this impeachment motion against chief justice is non other then to destroy the freedom of  judiciary Mr.lal Kantha stressed.

According to him the national trade union center is planning to launch public protest campaigns against impeaching chief justice to protect the sovereignty of judiciary which is must in a democratic society.the government parliamentarians who are members of  the  Parliamentary Select Committee which investigating impeachment motion against chief justice should declare their assets first before accusing chief justice to doing so Mr.Kantha has said.

The impeachment Motion it self becomes a failure as majority of the senior government parliamentarians did not signed the motion  he has further added.Mr.Lal Kantha has revealed this while addressing the function on 15th anniversary of All Ceylon Health Services Trade Union held at Public Library Auditorium today (28th).

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