Sunday, May 26, 2019



A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Mail Train

A 61 year old person had been killed
after colliding with a night mail Train travelling from Kankasanthurai to Colombo last night (26)at Iranamadu in KilinochchI area .

The body of the deceased who was a resident of Iranamadu area brought to Mankulam Train station and then sent to KilinochchI Hospital for the post mortem. 

Health Ministry To Introduce E Procurement Procedure To Speed Up Purchasing Of Drugs And Medical Devices

Ministry Of Health has decided to
introduce E -procurement procedure to speed up purchasing of Drugs and Medical devices to the Government Hospitals.

Earlier it was taken 09 months to purchase Drugs and Medical devices to Government sector through the current procurement procedure which the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had  reduced to three months after assuming duties as Health Minister according to the Ministry.

Due to the E-Procurment  procedure that time period can be reduced further Ministey has stated .A group of Health Ministry officials is  due to  received a training in China regarding E procurement procedure before implementing it here.

Countries like India and Malaysia had been managed to minimise fraud and corruption occurred during purchasing Drugs and Medical Devices through the E-Procurement procedure Ministry has stressed .

National Drug Authority Had Increased Prices Of 64 Drugs By 14 Percent

National Drug Regulatory Authority
had  increased the prices of 64 Drugs by 14 percent with effect from 11th of May 2019 due to rising of Sri Lankan Rupee against the  US dollar up to Rs.183 according to the Ministry Of Health.

Prices of 64 Essential Drugs including "Metformin "prescribe for Diabetes, "Atovastatin "for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure drugs "Amlodipin ","Losarten" and Amoxacylin had been increased accordingly and a Gazette Notification has been issued by the Drug authority regarding the price increase.

Health Minister Dr .Rajitha Senaratne has stressed that the prices of these drugs will be reduced soon after the decreasing the value of a Rupee against US Dollar .The new prices of the mentioned drugs should be displayed in all pharmacies and Food and Drug Inspectors will carry out inspections in pharmacies to monitor this ,minister has stressed .

Although the prices of these drugs had been increased through a Gazette Notification Drug companies have increased prices of essential drugs since this January due to the depreciation of Sri Lankan Rupee against the  US Dollar .





Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero To Fight Against Extremism

General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Has today (26) told media at Kandy that he will begin the fight against to defeat extremism in the country.

Galagodaatte Thero Has stressed that after releasing on Presidential pardon he first thought of preaching Dharma lectuses and doing something to Buddha sasana ,But after seeing the faces of youth around him he thought of beginning his previous campaign on fighting against extremism .

Some youth around me told they felt as their father had been  released from jail  after hearing my  release Galagodaatte Thero Has revealed  

Police Requested Public To Hand Over Any Complaint Regarding ArrestEd Kurunagala Doctor On Illegal Sterilisation

Police have today (26) requested the
public to hand over if there are any complaint regarding the Senior Doctor attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Seigu Siyandeen Mohommad Saffi who is now in the custody of Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) on illegal sterilisation done during the CeaserIan Operations as alleged by some sections.

The 42 year old doctor who was arrested by the Kurunagala Police on Friday night (24) at his house in Kurunagala over earning assets in suspicious means had been handed over to the CID Last night for further questioning.

The Kurunagala Hospital Doctor Saffi is not a VOG but a Senior Doctor attached to Gynaecology and Obstetrics section of the hospital .During a Radio interview he has revealed that he has performed around 8000 CeaserIan Operations during his career.

Navy Have Arrested Two Persons With A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis

Image result for arrestedSri Lanka Navy have today (26) arrested two persons with 126.695 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in their possession during a search operation carried out at Udayapuram in Mannar (Northern Province).

Two suspects along with the stock of Kerala Cannabis taken into custody in their possession had been handed over to Pasalai Police for further investigations.

Pasalai Police are conducting an investigations over the incident .

Complaints Made Against Governor Hisbulla And Minister Baduideen Handed Over To CID

Two Complaints made against
Eastern Province Governor A.L.A.M Hisbulla and Minister of Industries And Trade Rishad Baduideen to  the Police Headquarters over encouraging Terrorist activities and contempt of court charges had been forwarded to Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for further investigations Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has today (26) announced.

Accordingly two  complaints  handed over to the Police Headquarters  against Eastern Province Governor  Hisbulla over contempt of court and Minister Baduideen against encouraging tterrorism by the General Secretary of "Ravana" Balakaya(Force) Iththakande Saddhathissa Thero and a complaint made against Governor Hisbulla by the Executive Director of the Buddhist Information Center Agulugalle Sri Jinannanda Thero had been forwarded to the CID by the Acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP)SP Gunasekare has stressed.

The complaints had requested to implement law against the Minister Baduideen and Governor Hisbulla it has been revealed.

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