Sunday, September 2, 2012

74 Quality Failed Drugs And Surgicals Removed From Government Hospitals This Year

Around 74  drug and surgical items distributed among government hospitals island wide were removed after they were proven low in quality during last 08 months of this year it has been revealed.The removed list of low quality drug and surgical s includes Amoxacillin, lignocane hydrochloride gel.ultrasound transmission gel and anti venom serum  according to national drug authority sources.

Meanwhile president of professor senaka bibile memorial committee Dr.Jayantha Bandara has said that these low quality drugs still use in government hospitals although they have instructed to be removed from hospitals with immediate effect.  replying to this allegation of dr.bandara medical supplies division has said that they have instructed all government hospital directors and provincial health authorities to remove all those low quality drugs through a special circulars and it's their duty to act accordingly.

Most of those drugs and surgical s  have been instructed to remove during month of August.

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