Friday, March 1, 2013

One Day Token Strike Of National Hospital Docs Paralyzed Hospital Services

Due to the one day token strike launched by Doctors attached to Colombo National Hospital today(01)OPD Clinical treatment,routine surgeries and treatment were  paralyzed  and as a result thousands of opd and indoor patients have suffered according to hospital sources.

The one day token strike which started at  8  a.m today(01) is due to end at 8 a.m tomorrow(02).

Doctors are demanding the correction of irregularities in 2013 annual transfer list of doctors and suspending the decision taken by Health Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake to release 450 doctors based on out dated 2012 annual transfer list according to Colombo National Branch Union Of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA).

Meanwhile the parent Body  of   Government Medical Officers Association has condemned this strike action today and said this strike is a clearly a violation of GMOA Constitution as the branch union has  not informed the parent union on strike.

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