Thursday, June 18, 2015


Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine To Launch An Island Wide Strike After 30th Of June

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) attach to government hospitals have decided to launch an island wide strike after 30th of June by demanding to pay the DAT (Disturbance,Availability and Transport)Allowance to all PSM'S attach to government hospitals run by provincial councils.

All government PSM'S attach to the government hospitals run by the central government were paid the Rs.3000 DAT Allowance with their salaries last month ,however the provincial councils not paid the allowance to PSM'S attach to provincial councils according to Joint Confederation Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine.

The executive committee of the Joint Confederation is schedule to meet on 30th of June to decide the strike date .


Sri Lankan Air Lines Flight From Paris To Colombo Has Made A Safe Landing At Katunayake Air Port After experienced A Turbulent Weather

A Sri Lankan Air Lines Flight which carried 193 passengers on board  from Paris to Colombo has made a miracle landing this morning at the Colombo,Katunayake International Air Port after experienced a turbulent weather condition in  mid air on it's way to Colombo  .

The Sri Lankan Air Lines direct flight from Paris to Colombo was experienced a disturbance in Mid Air due to the turbulent weather condition and the flight managed to landed safely at the Katunayake Air Port due to the experience and professionalism of the  chief pilot in
the plane the Sri Lankan Air Lines has announced.The passengers were unaware of the difficulty faced by the plane in mid air on it's way to Colombo the Air Lines said.

After the flight was made a safe landing in Colombo four of the cabin crew members in flight underwent a medical examination it has been reported.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...