Monday, October 8, 2018




Prices Of Tyres And Electric Appliances Have Been Increased

Prices of varieties of Tyres and

Domestic Electric Appliances in the local market have been revised as a result of the depreciation of Sri Lankan Rupee against US Dollar and conditions imposed by the Ministry of Finance  according to sources .

Accordingly Prices of Tyres including Tyres used to Motorcycles and Three Wheelers will be increased by 12 percent, Tyres of Motor Cars by 10 percent and Tyres of Lorries and Buses by around 13 percent Tyre Companies have announced.

The Prices of Domestic Electric Appliances including Refrigerators, Television sets,Electrical Kettles,Air conditioners  and Washing Machines will be increaed by 20 percent according to sources.

Water Supply Restricted To Colombo Municipal Council Area Due To A Repair Work

  • Water will be supplied  to the Colombo Municipal Council area under low pressure since this morning (09) due to an essential repair work of the Ambatale water purification center according to the National Water Supplies And Drainage Board .

The repair work of the Ambatale Water purification center has already begun .

Sluice Gates Of Four Reservoirs Have Been Opened Due To Rising Water Levels

Sluice gates of four reservoirs have been opened due to the rising water levels as a result of the continuous heavy showers prevailing in most parts of the island according to the Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly sluice gates of Daduru Oya,Polgolla,LakshaPana and Rajanganaya reservoirs have been opened and people living in surrounding areas are being advised to be vigilant over possible floods the Center has said.




A Person Was Arrested With 503 Kilo Grammes Of Waste Tea

Police officers attached to Special Police
Task Force in Maskeliya have arrested a person who handed over 18 Polythene Bags contains 503 Kilo Grammes of Waste Tea to the parcel section of Hatton Train Station to transport to Kandy Train Station last evening (08).

The suspect who is a resident in Hatton Area has indicated in the Bags that they are containing tea to be transported to a person in Kandy .The suspect is involved in transporting Waste tea from Train since  years it has been revealed.

Special Police Task Force Personal have handed over the suspect and the stock of Waste tea taken in to custody in possession of the suspect to Hatton Police for further investigations. The suspect and the stock of Waste Tea are due to be produced before Hatton Magistrate Court.

Around 27 Persons Have Been Evacuated From Haldummulla Area Due To A Landslide Threat

Around 27 persons have been
temporarily evacuated from their houses at Kotabethma area in Koslandawatta, Haldummulla (Badulla District )yesterday (08)due to a Landslide threat in the area according to Disaster Management Center in Badulla.

The evacuated persons have been moved to a Tea factory at KotaBethma area it has been reported.

Landslide Warnings Issued To Four Districts Have Been Extended Further

National Building Research
Organization (NBRO) has yesterday (08)extended the Landslide warnings issued to four Districts as a result of the heavy showers experienced during the day.

Accordingly the Landslide warnings issued to Badulla,Kalutara,Galle and Kegalle Districts have been extended further the NBRO has announced. 

A Lorry Was Toppled Over Whilst Transporting Motorcycles

A Person  had received minor injuries
after the Lorry he was driving toppled over the road at panikkankulam in Mankulam area last morning (08).

The Lorry was transporting a stock of Motorcycles from Jaffna to Colombo at the time of the incident.Due to the incident several Motorcycles in the Lorry had been severely damaged it has been reported.

The incident occurred due to the driver   falling a sleep while at the wheel according to Mankulam Police.

Paramparika Ayurveda Doctor Was Arrested With " 43 Madana Modakaya" Packs

Anti Corruption Investigations Unit of
the Matara Police Headquarters has arrested a Paramparika Ayurveda Doctor at his house in pathagama ,Dikwella area with 43 packettes containing intoxicated substance "Madana Modakaya" 250 Grammes each in his possession during a raid carried out yesterday  (07).

The ,"Madana Modakaya "packs have been recovered from under the bed of Ayurveda doctor it has been revealed.

The suspected Ayurveda Doctor has sold "Madana Modakaya" packettes to almost everyone came to him for Rs.2500 each according to reports .

The suspect is due to be produced before Matara MagIstrate Court .



Sri Lankan President Has Begun A Three Day Official Visit To Seychelles

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena who had left the island this morning (08)for a three day official visit to Seychelles islands had arrived in the Island's Capital Victoria  this morning it has been reported.

President Sirisena who accompanied an eighteen member Sri Lankan  delegation visited Seychelles as per an invitation made by Seychelles President Daniel Fo .

Soon after his arrival Sri Lankan President has begun bi lateral talks with his Seychelles counterpart on strengthening business relationship among the two countries.

After the talks several mutual agreements have been  signed between  the officials of Sri Lanka and Seychelles it has been revealed .

MP Vijayakala Maheswaran Was Arrested And Released On Bail

Organized Crimes Prevention Division had today arrested the Government MP in Jaffna  Vijayakala Maheswaran who has arrived in the Division office this morning (08) to provide a statement on an allegation levelled against her .

MP Maheswaran who was charged on making a LTTE Favour speech during a rally held in Jaffna recently has been arrested and produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate Court where she was ordered to release on bail as there's no reasonable facts provided  to Remand her .

Although Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIG) Kamal Silva of the Organized Crimes Prevention Division had requested the Court to Remand MP Maheswaran as an inquiry conducted over  her speech on LTTE had concluded under the instructions of Attorney General, Colombo Chief Magistrate has decided to grant  the MP Bail as there s no sufficient facts provided against her to Remand her.

Accordingly MP Maheswaran has been released on a surety bail of Rs.500,000 .The case filed against the MP is due to be taken up for hearing on 07 th of December. 

Soil Mounds Collapsed in Galle And Kalutara Due To The Adverse Weather

Two houses at  Mapalagama area in
Galle have been severely damaged after a Soil Mound Collapsing on to the houses as a result of the adverse weather condition last night (07) according to sources .

However no casualties have been reported due to the incident.

Meanwhile a Poultry farm has been completely destroyed when a landslide occurred in  a  Soil Mound at nahinna area in Dodangoda  Divisional Secretariet at Kalutara yesterday .

Severel houses have experienced a power failure after a tree had fallen on to an Electricity line in Yatalamatta area ,Galle last night .

The WeliPanna Entry of the Southern Expressway which was closed  last Saturday as a result of the flooding in Mathugama-Aluthgama road has been reopened this morning for traffic after the flood waters receeding .

Nine Persons Have Died Due To Adverse Weather In Eight Provinces

Nine persons have died  and
More than fourty eight thousand  persons have been affected due to the adverse weather affected to Eight Provinces in the island according to Disaster Management Center.Out of the nine persons who have died, SiX persons have died due to drowning the Center has said.

The Adverse Weather condition  with 150 Mili Meter rain,floods  and Landslide threats  will continue during next 24 hours as well the center has announced.

Around Nineteen persons have been hospitalized due to the incidents occurred às a result of adverse weather acording to reports.

Due to heavy showers the water level of Kalu,Kelani, GIn rivers and Attanagalu Oya (River)has arisen and the authorities have requested  the residents of Baddegama area in Galle to be vigilant as the waters of GIn River had over flown from Baddegama area yesterday  (07) and created a minor flood situation in the area.

As a result of the strong winds ,floods and heavy showers occurred ,Thirty five houses have been  destroyed completely and one thousand six hundred sixty eight houses have been destroyed partially it has been reported .


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