Friday, December 7, 2018






Political Instability Of The Country Has Been Widely Discussed During Yesterday 's Sri Lanka Freedom Party Meeting

During the Central Committee meeting
of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) held last night (10)under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena participants had widely discussed on the current political instability in the country it has been reported.

The meeting was held in President's official residence in Colombo. 

A Programme To Inform Train Drivers Whether There Are Wild Elephants On Rail Tracks Through SMS To Be Implemented From Monday (10)

A programme to inform Train Drivers
through SMS (Short Messages )whether there are Elephants on rail tracks ahead in view of  preventing Wild Elephants colliding with Trains ,is due to be implemented with effect from this Monday (10).

A 24 hour operation center will be set up to coordinate this SMS Network according to a member of the Committee appointed to make recommendations to prevent Elephants colliding with Trains, Engineer Irosh Perera .

This step will be implemented until the implementation of the Committee recommendations to prevent Wild Elephants colliding with Trains he has stressed. 

A Person Was Critically Injured Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 27 year old person had been critically
injured and admitted to Puttalam Base Hospital due to a Wild Elephant attack at Muriyakulama area in Katuwala gaswewa last morning  (07).

A bone in  right hand of the injured had broken according to  reports.

The incident occurred when the injured who is a resident of Jayanthiwewa in Muriyakulama had attempted to remove his Motorcycle parked outside the house as soon as he heard the Trumpeting of the Wild Elephant in the garden. As soon as he has come out of the house the Elephant had attacked hin it has been revealed. 

Boycott The Three Wheelers Still Charging Rs.60 As Minimum Fare -National CamPaign On Protecting Passangers Rights

National Campaign on  Protecting 
Passangers Rights has appealed the public to boycott Three Wheelers which still charging Rs.60 as the minimum fare for a tour .

As the price of Petrol had been reduced around Rs. 20 in three occasions recently the minimum fare of a Three Wheeler should be Rs.50 the campaign has stressed.

"However still most of the Three Wheeler drivers are charging Rs.60 as the minimum fare  and it's unfair .Public can complain  to the Police if a Three Wheeler Driver charge Rs
60 as minimum fare " the Campaign has stated. 



Villagers Captured A Baby Elephant Arrived At A House In Hambanthota

Villagers in Werawila area
(A file photo )
,Hambanthota have captured a Baby Elephant who had been  separated  from his mother and the Herd and arrived at a house near Thissa Road in Werawila, Hambanthota this morning  (07) and handed over him  to Wild Life officers in Bundula .

The Baby Elephant might had  been separated  from his Herd during a mission carried out by Wild Life officers  to chased away Wild Elephants in Werawila area recently.

Wild Life officers have launched a mission to find out the mother of the Baby Elephant it has been reported.

A Motion Was Handed Over To Parliament Secretary To Show Confidence Towards Ranil Wikramasinghe

A motion to show the confidence
towards Constitutionally Elected Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe as the premier has been handed over to the General Secretary of the Parliament.

The motion is due to be debated on next Wednesday  (12)in Parliament.

A group of United National Party (UNP)Parliamentarians headed by the Deputy leader of the Party Sajith Premadasa had been handed over the motion to Parliament Secretary .

United National Front Leaders have been reached 100 percent agreement to reinstate Ranil Wikramasinghe as premier the Party MP"s'have stated .

Seven Member Supreme Court Judge Panel Has Extended The Interim Order Until The Verdict Is Delivered Regarding The Petitions Filed Against President's Gazette Notification

The seven member Judge Panel chaired
by Chief Justice Nalin Perera has today (05)extended the interim order issued suspending the Gazette Notification issued by President Maithripala Sirisena regarding dissolving Parliament without further notice till the verdict of the Petitions filed against Petition is delivered .

The Seven Member Judge Panel has concluded  hearing of all petitions filed against the President's  Gazette Notification around 7 p.m
 today (07).

The Judge Panel has heard the petitions filed against President's Gazette and intermediate petitions filed against those petitions from 04th of December up to today (05).

Although the Judge Panel did not give a date to deliver the verdict regarding the Petitions, it is expected the verdict will be delivered without a further delay.

A Businessman Arrested With Three Gold Biscuits

Officers attached to Customs Narcotic
Control Unit in Katunayake International Airport have today (07)arrested a 36 year old Businessman whilst attempting to smuggle Three Gold Biscuits to the Country illegally .

The suspect who is a resident of Galgamuwa,Kurunagala had arrived in Katunayake Airport From Chennai India and hidden the three Gold Biscuits in his trouser pockets according to Customs offices .

The estimated value of the Three Gold Biscuits weighing 233 Grammes taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is more than 2.4 million it has been revealed .


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