Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trade Unions Collective To Hand Over A Petition To Human Rights Commission

The  Collective Of Government,Semi Government and Private Sector Trade Unions is scheduled to hand over a human rights violation petition tomorrow(19) to the Human Rights Commission against the anti trade union policy adapted by government according to the joint convener of the collective Saman Ratnapriya.

The trade union leaders of the 43 member trade union collective are scheduled to  hand over the said  petition at 11 a.m tomorrow he has said.

Health Workers Belongs To 27 Categories Are To Be Launched A Sick Note Campaign On Friday

The Health Workers belongs to 27 grades in health sector are to be launched an Island wide sick note campaign on this Friday(21) by demanding fair solutions for their long standing five service demands according to Joint Trade Union Committee.

The health workers attach to government hospitals and health institutions including minor staff,telephone operators,attendants,lift operators,assistant medical laboratory technicians numbering more then 30,000 will be participating this sick note campaign according to trade union committee.

The five service demands produced by Joint Trade Committee  includes paying  salary arrears of  health workers,confirmation of temporary workers,increasing the rating system .the sick note campaign is due to begin 6.30 a..m on Friday and scheduled to be concluded 6.30 a.m on Saturday.

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