Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prime Minister Says No Democratic Nation Should Stay Silence Over The London Demonstrations

Prime Minister D.M Jayaratna said today that no democratic nation in the world should stay in  silence with regarding the incident happened to Sri Lankan President in London where the LTTE Sympathizers demonstrated against his visit at the Air Port last week.He also stressed that the double stranded of some western countries on terrorism should be revealed to the world.

Floods Displaced 62,000 People Island Wide

Due to the floods experienced in several parts of the country two people have been died and around 62,000 people were displaced according the Disaster Management Center.The two deaths were reported from Matara and Welimada areas .

Rain and Floods also damaged around 188 houses island wide and 1237 houses partially  during last few weeks.According to the Disaster Management Center 6244 displaced  persons were now locate in 56 camps situated Island wide.

Italy Imposes Strict Lockdown In The Corona Virus Outbreak Hotspots europe-51602007