Saturday, March 10, 2018

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President Maithripala Sirisena Left India

President Maithripala Sirisena had left to New Delhi  India today (10) to participate the inauguration  of the International Solar Power collective.

President has today held bi lateral discussions with his indian counterpart Ram nath Kovind at the Indian President 's Palace "Rashtrapathi Bawan"

During the meeting President Sirisena has invited Indian President to visit Sri Lanka.r

A Presidential Commission To Be Appointed To Investigate On Communal Violence In Kandy

President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to appoint
a three member Presidential Commission to investigate on the recent communal violence erupted in some places in Kandy District.

The Committee will be comprising of three retired Court judges and it will investigate on the facts behind the violent activities in Kandy,Whether an invisible conspiracy was behind the violence and the damage done to life and property it will announced.


An Indian National Welder Had Died Due To An Electrocution

An Indian National attached to the 
Dockyard of the Colombo Harbour has died due to an electrocution while at work last night (09) it has been reported.

The Indian National who was working as a welder at the Dockyard had succumbed to his injuries after admission  to Colombo National Hospital.

  • Police have launched an investigation to find out how the Deceased electrouted  while working with hi tech equipment in Dockyard.

Two Police Officers Have Been Injured Due To A Lorry-Police Jeep Collision

Two Police Officers have been injured
and hospitalized  after a Lorry colliding with a Jeep they stayed in, in front of Warakapola Police last night (09).

The injured Police Officers were admitted  to the Kegalle Hospital for treatment and the Jeep they stayed in was severely damaged due to the incident.

The accident occurred due to driver of the Lorry which transported sand ,had fallen a sleep while at the wheel it has been revealed.

Police have arrested the Lorry driver regarding the accident. 

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Temporary Blockage Of Social Media Sites Not Yet Lifted -TRC

The temporary Blockage  imposed on accessing to Social Media sites including Facebook and Whats App
 following  the communal violence in Kandy  not yet lifted  according to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC).

TRC had temporarily blocked the Social Media Sites and Apps as per the request made by the Ministry Of Defense on 07th of March.

A decision regarding whether to lift the temporary blockage of Social Media Sites will be taken during next few days it has been announced.

Two Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Motor Car Caught Fire After Colliding With A Trade Stall

Two persons have been injured and hospitalized after
the Motor Car they were travelling in colliding with a Trade Stall and caught fire near the  Padeniya at ,Kurunagala early this morning (10).

The injured were admitted to the Wariyapola Hospital and later transferred to the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

The Motor Car was completely damaged due to the incident and Wariyapola Police have arrested the driver of the Motor Car regarding the accident.

Opinion: Arresting Of Teanage Admins Of FB Pages Which Posted Racist Posts And Future Of Social Media

A  few days back Digital Infrastructure
 Minister Harin Fernando has stated that The Social Media sites and Apps which  developed with  a purpose of improving relationships and social bonds among the people now use to breaking those relationships and Bonds.

It is the bitter truth which most of the Social Media addicts especially school goers who are admins of many Social Media pages denies to accept .However in the first time of Social Media history in Sri Lanka ,government has imposed a temporary suspension on Social media sites including  Facebook and Imo and Apps like What's App due to posting Racist posts and comments which encouraging one community to act against another. These kind of posts had led to the communal violence in Kandy it has been revealed

As a result authorities led by Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)  and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had yesterday  (09)arrested a 16 and 18 year old school boys who were  administrators  of Social Media pages in Facebook and Whats App which spreads racism in society .Until their arrest no one would have thought that these big Racist posts were published and shared by such young blood .

However law need to catch big thieves and politicians too who were behind these young fellows when spreading Racist comments against other communities communities. Otherwise it will like catching a small fish by allowing a Big fish  tmove away.If someone is breaking the law through Social Media,regardless the nationality of that person they should have punished  according to the law.

On the other hand some says that  the Facebook page Of one leader in Sri Lanka updating daily despite the blocking of social media sites.These things should need to pay attention as law should be equal to both countrymen as well as the  rulers .

It has been reported that when the court ordered to send the 16 year old admin of a Facebook page who was arrested in Homagama over posting Racial and hatred posts and comments to a child rehabilitation center  ,he along with his parents and relatives broke down in tears.The suspected boy as well as his parents should have pay attention on the law before breaking it and now shedding tears wil not reverse the punishment the school boys received .

Everyone should use the Social media sites and Apps especially Viber to improve and renew relationships including friendship and bonds not to discredit and breaking threlationships among communities . It should be an  essential part of  social media.

Unfortunatley those two boys who were arrested went on tbe wrong path and payed the penalty for it.Now they will not have the support of who shared their posts and who guided them to post such things.That is the reality .Real people including friends will be there when a one needs them.Not the fake ones as mentioned earlier.

No Curfew For Kandy Today-Situation There Back To Normal :Police Media Spokesman

Police have decided not to impose
curfew again in Kandy District Due to  the peaceful enviornment prevails in the  District at present according to the Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

The curfew which was imposed in Kandy except the Kandy Municipal area from 8 p.m last night (09)was lifted at 5  a.m today (10) .

The life in Kandy District now back to normal and no.incidents have been reported during yesterday and today it has been revealed.

The security is tightened in the District and investigations are continuing regarding the violent activities Erupted in several areas of the District recently SP Gunasekare has stated.

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