Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ktunayaka-Colombo Intercity Train Launched

The Katunayaka Air Port -Colombo Intercity Express Train launched it's maiden Journey this morning.

IIFA Brand Ambassador Decided To Skip The Event Held In Colombo

The Brand Ambassador of the International Indian Film Awards known as Indian Oscars Actor Amithab Bachchan has decided to skip from attending the Awards Ceremony scheduled to held 
on this saturday at Colombo Sri Lanka.He was under pressure after the Tamil Diaspora Group has threatened him not to attend the Ceremony.However Amithab was here last month to official launched the II FA Awards.

Meanwhile Along with Amithab few other Film Stars including Popular Actor Sharukh Khan,Aishwarya Rai,Abhishekh Bachchan and Arjun Rampal decided not to attend the Awards Ceremony citing their Official Asignments..Already the Co Host of the Awards Ceremony Vivek Oberoi,Lara Dutta.Bomini Airani were arrived Sri Lanka and around 100 other artists are due to arrive Sri Lanka from tomorrow.

Sri Lanka Slashed The Excise Duty On Imported Cars By 50 Percent

Sri Lankan Government today  slashed an import excise duty on vehicles by 50 percent and lifted 15 percent surcharge on all imports by slashing the duty of all electronic products.

Due to the slashing of excise duty customers who are importing Indian Made Marruti Cars now have to pay an excise duty that is   90 percent of the Value of the Car comparing to the early payment of 183 percent of it's value.Cars attracted over 300 in excise duties, import duties, value added taxes, port and airport development levies and national security levies.


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