Sunday, April 16, 2017

Government To Dispose Garbage Collected In Colombo Temporarily To Two Places In Karadiyana And Dompe

Image result for meethotamulla garbage dumpGovernment has decided to dispose the Garbage collected in Colombo to two alternative places namely "Karadiyana" in Piliyandala and "Dompe" due to the collapsing of a section of a Meethotamulle Garbage Dump last Friday(14).
According to the Deputy Foreign Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva Garbage in Colombo will be disposed to these two places during next two weeks until finding  a permanent site to dispose the Garbage.

Daily around 800 metric tonnes of Garbage collected in Colombo had been  disposed to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump till the collapsing of the dump.Even in the morning of last Friday authorities have  disposed garbage to the dump according to the residents.

Meanwhile many higher officials in Institutes have criticized the way some government ministers handled  the Meethotamulle Grabage Dump issue before the collapse had taken place.

The  Ministry Of Megalopolis have opposed a proposal submitted by the Western Provincial Chief Minister Isura Devapriya sometime back  to give permission to a company in United Kingdom(U.K) to take the Garbage collected in Meethotamulle Garbage dump to U.K for a recycling process.The Company has promised to pay 50% of the income generated through the recycling process to Sri Lankan Government it has been reported.

The angry residents lives  near the Meethotamulle Grabage Dump who were opposed the disposing of Garbage collected in .Colombo to the Dump since the beginning of the process have  told the media that if a vehicle belonging to the Urban Council ever arrived to Meethotamulle Garbage Dump again  to dispose Garbage there, they will set fire to that vehicle.


A Person Was Killed And Three Persons Injured Due To A Road Accident

A person was killed and three others injured and
hospitalized after the Three wheeler they were travelling in crashed into a light post in mamandala ,Ambalanthota area today (16).

The injured were admitted to the Hambanthota Hospital for treatment.

The Three Wheeler arrived from Deniyaya area  it has been revealed.

Ambalanthota Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

University Of Peradeniya Which Closed Down Due To A Flu To Be Re Opened On Tuesday

University of Peradeniya which closed down on 04th
of April indefinitely due to a spreading of  viral flu believed to be Influenza -A (H1N1)  due to open this Tuesday (18) for academic activities according to the Vice Chancellor Of the University Professor Upul Dissanayake.

All faculties of the University have been closed down due to the flu and the auhorities have requested the students in the hostels to vacate their rooms .

Colombo Additional Magistrate Instructed The Police To Conduct Post Mortems Of The Victims Of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse

Colombo Additional Magistrate Dulani Amarasinghe
has today (16)instructed the Police to conduct post mortems of the bodies recovered from the Meethotamulle Garbage dump site and after it hand over the bodies to their relatives .

The Colombo Additional Magistrate has today visited the area where the part of a Meethotamulle Garbage dump collapsed and ordered the Police to conduct the post mortems recovered from the site after the relatives identify them.

At present 27 persons confirmed as dead due to the Garbage dump collapse and more than 600 have been displaced due to the incident.

More Than 20 Houses Were Severely Damaged Due To The Heavy Showers And Winds In Vavuniya

More than 20 houses have been severely damaged due to the heavy showers and winds prevails in Eratperiakulam and Kalukunnimaduwa areas in Vavuniya District(Northern Province)
Image result for strong wind
The Jaffna-Kandy A- 9 road too blocked for around two hours after a tree fallen into the road due to the strong winds it has been reported. During that period transport activities have been paralyzed according to sources.Later the road was cleared after the removal of the fallen tree.


Me Manushyatwaye Horaway

Meethotamulle meter 91 k pamana us
Wu kunu kande kotasak  kada vateemen me Wana wita 26 deneku Miya giya bawa thahawuru wee atha .Miya giya ganana meyatatth   wada wedi wiya haki bawa kunu Kanda asala wesennanma pawasa thibe.

Kada watunu kunu kande kotasa hetuwen yata wee athi nivasa ganana 100   kata adika bawa warta wee atha.Mema thathwaya anuwa mema kedawachakaya 2004 wasaredi hata gath tsunami wyasanayata deweni nowe.Me Miya gos aththe ape ratema minissunya.Owun pawule samajikayin nowunath Apa menma Ata, mas leyin sadunu Sri Lankikayin bawa Apa amataka nokala  yutuya .

Keneku wipathata path Wu wita udaw kireeme  manusheeya gunangaya anadimath kalayaka sita apa thula pawathina gunangayaki.Me eya Pana ganviya yutu horaway.

Mema kedawachakayen Miya giya ayage pawulwalata menma awatan Wu pawulwalatada Apa udaw kala yutuya .

Wenath kedawachakawaladi  men Maha parimanayen adara bedemak methek kriyatmaka Wana bawata wartha we nomatha.Apa owunta adara denawak menma owun wenuwen shoka wiya yutuya.Vinodjanaka de prasiddiye pradarshanaya kireeme ha mema kedajanaka mohothe  antarjalaya haraha ewannak sidu nowu ayurin vinoda weema Miya giya ayata menma owunge pawulwalatada karana apahasayak nowanneda.

Anek athata wipathata path wuwanta udaw kala yutu mohote owun sathu niwasawala athi vatina bhanda sorakam kireemata giya awastawadeen pirisak ath adanguwara path weema pilibanda puwathakda eye wartha wiya.Meya manushyatwayatath nigawaki.Owunta udaw awasi mohothe owunge dewal sorakam kireema ithamath pahath kritawak bawa nokiwamanaya.

Apa mehidi sithiya yutu yamak thibe.E
  Duk wiya yutte prabu ayeku Miya giya pasu pamanada kiyaya.Me pilibandawa manushyatwaye namen sita baliya yutuya.

One Person Was Injured And Hospitalized After A High Speed Van And A Car Fallen Down Into A Culvert

One person was injured and
hospitalized after a van and a motor car travelling in high speed veered off the road and fallen  into a same culvert  in kalukummaduwa ,Vavuniya area (Northern Province )today(16).

The injured person had been admitted to the Vavuniya General Hospital for treatment.

The high speed van was travelling from Vavuniya to Anuradhapura and the Motor Car was travelling to Vavuniya at the time of the accident .

Three Shops/Trade Stalls Severely Damaged After A Group Of Persons Set Fire To A Shopping/Trade Stall Complex

Three shops/trade stalls  had been
severely damaged after a group of an unidentified persons set  fire to a shopping/trade stall complex in godapitiya,Akuressa (Southern Province) in wee hours of this morning (16).

Due to the incident a Mobile Phone and Electrical Appliances shop,A retail shop And a fruit trade stall had been severely damaged according to reports.

The persons who set the fire to the complex had done so by throwing petrol filled in Liquor Bottles it had been revealed .

No casulaties have been reported due to the incident .

A 15 Month Old Boy Has Died After Chalked A Piece Of Carrot

A 15 month old boy has died after chalked a piece of carrot fed by his mother for the Breakfirst in Mirijjawila ,Ambalanthota area.

The child has died soon
after admission to the Ambalanthota Hospital.

A 11 Year Old School Girl Has Drowned In Gandara Sea

A 11 year old school girl residing  in
Gangodawila,Nugegoda area had drowned while viewing the rough seas in the sea coastal area at Nunawella,Gandara (Southern Province)last evening .

The deaceased who arrived at relative's house in Gandara area along with her parents fallen down to the sea with her parents due to the rising sea waves while they were on the rocks it has been reported.

The parents have managed to swim back  to the shore and the 11 year old girl has drowned in the sea .

The Death Toll Of The Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse Had Risen To Twenty Three

Twenty three persons confirmed as dead upto now
due to the collapsing of a section of a Garbage Dump in Meethotamulle.

More than 600 persons have been displaced due to the collapse and currently stationed in Terrance Silva Collage in Kolonnawa and nearby community centers according to the sources.

Around three bodies buried under the rubble have bedn recovered this morning the Sources said.Some of the bodies recovered from the disaster site now lying  at temporary tents located in Kolonnawa and Kolonnawa Raja Maha Viharaya (Temple) and the funerals are due to be held this evening (16) in Kolonnawa Cemetary .

The funerals of Muslim Nationals died due to the Garbage Dump Collapse were held yesterday (15)it has been reported.

According to the reports around 1050 Tri force personsl,Fire Brigade personal and Disaster Managment Center officers are currently involved in rescue operation on searching of the survivors.

Meanwhile President Maithripala Sirisena had instructed the authorities today (16)to submit a report to him on number of families  affected due to the disaster and estimated value of the damaged properties after done  a proper  evaluation within next five days during a meeting held with Disaster Managment Center officials this morning (16).

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