Tuesday, January 16, 2018


A School Boy Was Injured Due To A Three Wheeler-Motor Car Collision

A 18 year old school boy was injured and hospitalized
and three others had  received minor injuries and bruises after a Three Wheeler they  travelling in colliding with a Motor Car at Gaminipura area in Hatton-Dikoya main road eatly this morning (16).

The injured was admitted to Dikoya District Hospital for treatment.

The accident was occurred when a Three Wheeler transporting school children from  Dikoya to Hatton  was collided with a Motor car travelling Hatton to Dikoya.

Hatton Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.


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A PLOTE Member Was Remanded Over Keeping A Firearm

Jaffna Magistrate has today (16)ordered to remand a
member of a Peoples Liberation Organization Of Tamil Ealam (PLOTE) who was arrested while forcibly staying in a House infront of Jaffna Hospital with a firearm and bullets in his possession ,until 30th of January .

The suspect was arrested and remanded on 19th of December while forcibly staying in a house in front of Jaffna Hospital with a T-56 Firearm and a stock of bullets in his possession .

President Sirisena To Honor Street Artists

Sri Lankan Street Artists will be honoured from this
year by presenting them Presidential Awards for their creative Art Works  President Maithripala Sirisena has said today (16).

President has stated this during a meeting held with a group of representatives of the Street Artists Association at the Presidential Secretariat today.

President has promised the group of Artists that the government will provide every possible assistance to them including of supporting their welfare.

This is the first  time that a Sri Lankan President had met the represenratives of Street Artists Association it has been revealed.

The Association had presented proposals which can be taken  to develop the Sreet Art in Sri Lanka to the President .

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Government Nurses And Para Medical Officers To Launch A Two Day Strike On Tomorrow And The Day After In Southern Province

Related imageGovernment Nurses and Para medical officers belonging to 12 categories attached to the Government Hospitals in Southern Province are due to launch a two day token strike on tomorrow(17) and the day after (18) by demanding to pay the suspended Overtime Payments of them prepared according to the increased salary the Joint Confederation of Nurses-Para Medics  has announced.

Accordingly Nurses and Para Medical Officers attache to the Government Hospitals in Galle,Matara and Hambanthota districts belonging to the Southern Province will launch the two day strike from 7 a.m tomorrow to 7 a.m the day after the Joint Confederation has stated.

Although the Health Ministry has instructed the Southern Provincial Authorities to pay the suspended Overtime payments of Nurses and Para medical officers the Provincial authorities are delaying the implementing of  it the joint president of the Confederation Saman Ratnaproya  has stated.

Central Bank Bond Scam Report To Be Tabled In Parliament Tomorrow(17)

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The report of the  Presidential Commission Of Inquiry on the Central Bank Bond Scam is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament tomorrow(17) according to the Government.
After the report is being  tabled in the Parliament, it will appear in the Official Parliamentary website and public will be able to read t and submit their views regarding the document it has been announced.
The Report of the Central Bank Bond Scam has been handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena by the Presidential Commission last December.

Cabinet Has Decided To Withdraw Gazette Notifications Issued Regarding Liquor

Image result for CABINET SRI LANKA LOGOCabinet has today(16) unanimously  decided to withdraw two Gazette Notifications issued by Ministry of Finance on lifting the ban imposed over local women to purchase Liquor from Bars.working in Liquor Bars and selling Liquor and extending the Business Hours of opening Bars in the country from 9 p.m to 10 p.m .
President Maithripala Sirisena had earlier instructed the authorities to withdraw the two Gazette Notifications issued regarding these matters under the signature of Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera
The ban imposed over local women to purchase ,selling of Liquor and working in Liquor Bars is being implemented since 1979.
Meanwhile due to the heated arguments occurred  with some of the United National Party(UNP) members President Sirisena has been reported as left the Cabinet meeting.
The Cabinet meeting was chaired by the President.

A Person Was Killed And Another Was Injured Due To A Road Accident In Matara

A person was killed and another was injured and hospitalized after the Van they were traveling in veering off the road and crashed into a lamp post at Izadeen Town in Matara-Akuressa road early this morning(16).

One of the passengers in  the  Van was killed on the spot and the Driver of the Van got injured and admitted to the Matara General Hospital for treatment.

Related imageThe deceased had been identified as a 52 year old resident of Kokuvil in Jaffna .The accident has occurred due to the  inability of the driver  to control the high speed van it has been revealed.


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