Sunday, July 23, 2017

From Foreign Eye-Two young elephants are saved from drowning

Related imageThamange demawpiyanta ,pawule ayata ,samepa yaluwanta wada ahasin path wena minissu honda wena aya tamai ada samajaye wedipura inne.Ehema sithana nisa thamai boho dena mula amataka kireema,anyange sitha ridena ayurin katayutu kireema,samja wirodee weda  yanadiyehi niratha wanne.


A French National Was Arrested With Four Valuable Gem Stones At Airport

A french national was arrested by the Airport Customs
officers yesterday (23)with four valuable gem stones hidden in his shoe and a trouser pocket and a stock of illegal cigarettes and liquor bottles at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

Customs have taken into custody  61 cigarettes and 09 foreign liquor bottles illegally brought to the country in possession of the french national.

The value of the gem stones including a blue gem the suspect carried is around Rs.11.5 million and the cigarettes and liquor bottles around Rs.200,000 according to the customs.

Airport Customs Have Taken Into Custody A Parcel Contained American Dollars

Airport customs officers have yesterday (23)taken into
custody a parcel contained US Dollars 12,500 (Approx:Rs.2 million) air lifted through a Sri Lankan Airlines flight  to a person in Colombo-12 ,at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The American Dollar notes were hidden inside a few magazines in the parcel the customs officers have stated.

A Police Officer Who Was Shot While Providing Security To The Jaffna Judge, Expired

One of the police officers who got injured and
hospitalized after being shot by an unidentified gunmen yesterday (22) while providing security to the Jaffna High Court judge Manikkawasagar ilanveliyan, had succumbed to his injuries in the wee hours of this morning (23) in Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

A bullet had entered the stomach area of 57 year old police sargent G.sarathchandre during the gun shooting and along with him other police officer provided security for the judge too got injured due to the gun shooting and admitted to the Jaffna Hospital for treatment.

The gun shooting occurred in nallur at Jaffna yesterday and the attack had been launched against the Jaffna High Court judge who is also a member of the Tribunal court which hear the case of rape and murder of Jaffna school girl vidya.

The judge who escaped the gun shooting due to the two police officers provided him security had worshipped the wife of the deceased police officer when he went to pay his last respect to the late officer who served him 17 years it has been reported. 


Thirteen Anti SAITM Students Arrested This Evening In Town Hall Granted Bail

The group of medical/university students arrested this
evening (23)while staging a satyagraha campaign in Lipton Circus roundabout had been released on bail after being produced before the Colombo magistrate it has been reported.

Police have arrested 13 students imvolved in Satyagraha campaign including a female student this evening after firing them water cannons.

Navy Have Rescued Two Wild Elephants Washed Away By Sea Waters

Sri Lanka Navy have today (23) rescued another two
wild elephants who had been washed away by the sea waters between round island and point of kewuliya in Trincomalee area.

A navy coastal guard vessel first observed the two elephants and after being informed of it Navy personal have rescued them with the assistance of Wildlife Department officials in Trincomalee this morning.

A group of Navy divers and high speed vessels belonging to Navy involved in the rescue mission.

The rescued wild elephants have been later released to the point of Kewuliya area.

Police Fired Water Cannons Towards Anti SAITM Students Staged Satyagraha At Lipton Circus

Police have fired water cannons in to a group of
medical/university students who were staged a continuous satyagraha campaign against SAITM at Lipton circus roundabout this evening (23)and arrested 13 students including a female.

Police have also removed the makeshift shelter built by the students on the Lipton Circus roundabout to stage the Satyagraha campaign.

The arrested students are due to be produced before the courts according to the police.

During the water cannon attack a heavy traffic prevailed in town hall area it has been reported.

The protested students arrived at Lipton Circus last evening (22) on a protest march begun from Colombo  university premises despite the court issued an injuction order against the satyagraha campaign.

The protest march and the satyagraha campaign were organized by medical faculty students action committee and Inter university students federation.

Meanwhile student organizers have stated that few students injured due to the firing water cannons at them which denied by the police.

The protestors who sraged the satyagraha campaign reported as spent last night by singing and dancing and later some persons thrown stones at them it has been revealed.

Health Minister To Inform Health Officials Tomorrow On WHO Action Plan On Dengue

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is due to inform
Health Ministry officials tomorrow (24) on the facts contained in the action plan handed over to him by a group of World Health Organization (WHO) experts recently on how to reduce number of Dengue patients by 50% within 04 weeks.

Through this action plan number of Dengue deaths too can be reduced Health Minister has stated.After inform the Health officials on the action plan the plan will be implemented soon  Minister Dr.Senaratne has stressed.


Elephant Seals Recognize Vocal Rythm


Police Have Sealed Another 50 Suger Containers Imported From Brazil

Police have sealed 50 suspicious  sugar containers
imported from Brazil and located in colombo harbour and taken a court order to open the containers  to check the inside of them.

Police have considered on these sugar containers as suspicious following a haul of cocaine recovered from one of the imported Sugar containers transported from Colombo harbour to the Rsthmalana Economic center.

Around 10 bags containing 218 kilo grammes and 600 grammes of cocaine had been recovered from that container last week .

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