Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pakistani National Arrested At Air Port

A Pakistani National who tried  to smuggle in foreign currency worth 13,200 $ was arrested at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port in Colombo this evening the Police has announced.

11 Sri Lankans Who Tried To Flee To Australia Got Arrested

Around 11 Sri Lankans were arrested at a lodge in Puttalam in North Western Province this morning as they were allegedly preparing to sail to Australia illegally Police sources said.Those who arrested are suspected as asylum seekers and some of them had told Police during  questioning that  they have paid around Rs.200,000 for alleged human traffickers who organized this illegal tour.

Sri Lanka Has Been Removed From UN "List Of Shame"

Sri Lanka has been removed from" list of shame' in UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon's Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict during 2011 it has been stated.Announcing the omission  UN Special Representative for Children And Armed Conflict Mrs.Radhika Kumaraswamy has said that removal came after Sri Lanka's successful completion of UN Security Council mandated action plans to end the recruitment and use of Children.

US Administration Exempted Seven Countries Including Sri Lanka From Iran Oil Based Economic Sanctions

The US Administration had last Monday exempted Seven  nations including Sri Lanka from economic sanctions after they have reduced oil imports from Iran.The seven countries exempted from economic sanctions are Sri Lanka,India ,South Korea,Taiwan ,Turkey Malaysia and South Africa.

While stating on this decision US Secretary Of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has said that lifting economic sanctions means that the banks and financial institutions of these countries won't be hit with penalties under US Law for a renewable 180 day period.According to US Secretary Clinton exemptions are proof that sanctions aimed at pressurizing Iran to come clean on their nuclear programme.

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations