Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rs.2.5 Million Worth Unused Stock Of Cancer Drugs Found At Maharagama Cancer Hospital

The Drug Evaluation Committee Members of the Ministry Of Health were found an unused  Stock of Essential Cancer Drugs including 800 vials  of "Hypercentin"  Injections worth around Rs.2.5 Million stored in a Drug Store at the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama in the Colombo suburbs.The "Hypercentin" Injection was reported as out of stock at the Cancer Hospital in recent months  causing severe hardships for Cancer Patients.

A sin gal  vial of the above Injection costs around 240,000 according to the Ministry Sources.Health Minister Maithepala Sirisena has instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis to investigate on why these Expensive life saving cancer drugs not issued to the patients by  creating  a Drug Shortage in the Hospital.

LTTE'S Chief Arms Procurer KP Revealed How The UN And A Western Country Tried To Offer A Ship For Fleeing LTTE Leaders

"The United Nations and a Western Country had prepared to offer a Ship to the  LTTE Leaders if they wants to flee to a foreign country during the last stage of the war between Sri Lankan Armed Forces and LTTE in 2009"  LTTE's Chief Arms Procurer and on time leader Kumaran Pathmanathan allias KP told an Indian News Paper THL Mediagrove.

KP revealed this when he was Interviewed by the head of  THL Mediagrove  VK Shasikumar in a safe house in Colombo earlier this month.Answering a question raised by the interviewer Shasi Kumar KP has  said
"We fought for freedom (and) it failed. It’s over. The new world order (after the Cold War) taught us that we have to…live together. We learnt from our past experience also that we should make a bridge between the two races (the Sinhalese and the Tamils)"

 For Video Extract of the Interview visit   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK2l190VfcE 

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