Friday, February 27, 2009

Removed HIB Vaccine Is To Be Back In March

HIB Pentavalant Vaccine which was withdrawn from the National Immunaization Campaign of Sri Lanka on Last May due to the Deaths of four Infants will Re Introduced to the Campaign from Mid of March this year as the Experts cleared charges against the Vaccine Epidemiologiy Unit Announced to day.

HIB which is prescribed to give Infants at the ages of Two, Four and Six Months is a Pentavalant ,compromised with Vaccines preventing Five Disseases(Tetunus,Diptheria,Whooping Cough,HIB and Hepatitis-B).Around 150,000 Vials of HIB Injections were removed from the Immunaization Campaign Clinics throughout the Island last year after Four Infants who received these Vaccines were died.Epidemiology Unit and the World Health Organization(WHO) Conducted an investigations on this and stated that there is no connection what so ever between these deaths and the Vaccine.

More Sri Lankan Wounded IDP'S Receiving Hospital Treatment

Up to now Around Two Thousand One Hundrad Eighty wounded Civilians who returned from the LTTE Held Area were received treatment from Three Hospitals in the Northern Sri Lanka Ministry Of Health in Colombo says to day.Around Two Hundred Sixty Eight Wounded Civilians admitted to the Trincomalee Hospital last wednesday and One Hundred to Mannar Hospital.Another Four Hundrad is due to admitted to Trincomalee Hospital Tomorrow.

Meanwhile Health Ministry says Thirty One Thousand Nine Hundrad Ninty In Displaced Persons(IDP'S) belongs to Nine Thousand Nine Hindrad Thirteen Families were returned to Government held reas from LTTE held areas from 22-01-2009 to 23-02-2009.

Remanded Sr Lankan Business Tycoon Transfered To The Hospital

Sri Lankan Business Tycoon Mr Lalith Kotalawala who was remanded yesterday on alleged Financial Freud is Transfered to the Prison Hospital in Welikala To Day and from there to the Merchants Ward of the Colombo National Hospital on Poor Health Grounds.

Mr.Kotalawala (70) was remanded till 11th of March for Mishandling of Rs.26 Billion worth deposits of the Public in the Golden Credit Card Company owned by him.One of the Directors of the Company too remanded with him and his wife Cecilia who is currently away from home too was Issued a warrant as She is also a Director of the Company.

Seeking Medical Treatment after getting an Imprisonment is a Common Thing among the VIP'S and VVIP'S here in Sri Lanka. Public will able to witness how these people who seems to be in good health while at work and even at the Courts when they are attending their cases suddenly getting ill soon after they received remand orders.But this facility is not available for the Common People.

A Record Price Reduction For Sri Lankan Gas

Sri Lankan Consumers received some kind of relief to day as the Government decided to Reduce the Prices of Gas Cylinders between Rs.310-334 with the effect from Mid Night to day.This is the highest Price Reduction of a Consumer Product reported here from some time.

According to the new price reduction The Price of a 12.5 Kilo Grammes Shell Gas Cylinder is reduced by Rs.310 and the new price will be Rs.1350 .Laugfs Gas Cylinder is reduced by Rs.334 and the new price is Rs.1069.The Price reduction of the Laugfs Gas will come to effect from Mid Night Tomorrow.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...