Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UN Security Council And Secretary General To Hold A Special Meeting On Sri Lanka

United Nations Security Council to hold a Special Meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on this Friday to discuss the Current Situation in Sri Lanka.This is the first time that the 15 Member Security Council meets to discuss on Sri Lanka since the War against Terrorism ended in the Country Council's President said.

UN Secretary General will brief the Security Council on Sri Lankan Situation behind the close doors as it has been Unofficial Interactive Dialouge UN sources said..

Wide Powers Given To The Medical Staff In Sri Lanka To Eradicate Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

As a Measure to Eradicate Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places in Sri Lanka ,Ministry of Health today gave wide powers to the MOH'S(Medical Officers Of Health) Deputy MOH'S,Medical Officers and Public Health Inspectors(PHI) under the Mosquito Breeding Prevention Act including Powers to Inspect the Breeding Places ,Arresting the Mosquito Breeders and to Fine them.

Health Ministry yesterday issued A Special Circular regarding the transferring of these Powers to the relevant authorities.Dengue Epidemic is in increase throughout the Country and last two days alone(01 and 02nd of June) 547 Dengue Patients were reported.

Now the Total Number of Dengue Patients reported this year up to now stands as 7277 and there are 90 Deaths.Most Number of Dengue Cases are reported from the Colombo District.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry also setup a Hot Line for People to inform those who are having Mosquito Breeding Places in their Households.


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