Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Foreign-Qatar Crisis: Latest Updates


Price Of Imported White Sugar To Be Increased

The price of one Kilo gramme of imported white sugar
to be increased by Rs.7- 8 it has been reported.

The price will be increased after the government has increased the special commodity  tax imposed on imported sugar by Rs.10 per a Kilo Gramme of Sugar.

Meanwhile the Nutrition Division of the Ministry Of Health has launched an island wide campaign against consuming sugar and sugary foods and to promote drinking more water and Kurumba/ King Coconut water instead of juices containing Sugar.

Alcohol too contains sugar and not good for health according to Health Experts.

Former Sprint Queen Susanthika Jayasinghe Suspended Her Decision To Auction Her Olympic Medal-Sports Minister To Bring New Laws For Medal Ownership

The former Sri Lankan Sprint Queen and Olympic silver medalist Susanthika
 Jayasinghe has suspended her decision to auction the silver medal she won for 200 meters  in 2000 Sydney Olympics after the intervention of  President Maithripala Sirisena  .

Susanthika has decided to auction her Olympic silver medal due to the financial difficulties she faced after suspending her salary by the Ministry Of Sports for the months of April and May she has stated.

However as President Sirisena informed her that he will look in to the matter Susanthika now says she has reversed her earlier decision.

Meanwhile Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekarehas yesterday (07)has stated that  new laws will be enacted in future to prevent the  ownership of a medal going  to the medal winner and to get the ownership of it to the country.


Government To Not Allow New Constructions In Disaster Prone Areas

Government will not allow new constructions in Disaster prone areas
in future according to the Minister of Fisheries Mahinda Amaraweera.

Constructors will be able to build their constructions in Disaster prone areas only if they can  build them with resistance to natural disasters the Minister has stressed.

A Youth Was Killed And Seven Others Injured Due To A Van-Lorry Collision

A youth was killed and seven others were injured and
hospitalized due to a Van -Lorry collision in Dompe area on Hanwella-Urapola road.

Eight persons who were critically injured due to the accident including the Van driver and seven others in the Van have admitted to the Gampaha Hospital and the critically injured driver of the Van  had succumbed to his injuries afterwards.

Another two critically injured had been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

The Van had met with the accident while  transporting workers attached to a private company .

Dompe Police have arrested the driver of the Lorry regarding the accident.

Five New Secretaries Have Been Appointed To Six Ministries

Five New secretaries have been appointed to six

Accordingly Udaya R Seneviratne has been appointed as the secretary of Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine,Upali Marasinghe has been appointed the secretary to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development.Anura Disanayake to the Ministries of Environment and Mahaweli Development,N.Saranathisse to the Ministry of Labor and Trade Union Relations and Jayantha Wijayaratne to the Irrigation and Water Resource Management.

Cabinet Approved A Proposal To Increase The Allowance Given To Local Artists By Rs.5000

Cabinet has approved a proposal to increase the
 allowance given to the local artistes who need financial assistance by Rs.5000 according to the Co -Cabinet Spokesman Minister Gayantha Karunathilake.

Accordingly the current allowance of Rs.5000 granted  to the local Artistes will be increased to Rs.10,000 Minister Karunathilake has stated.

Met Department Says No Risk Of Sri Lanka Experiencing Another Tsunami Or Cyclones

The Department of Meteorology has today (07)
announced that there is no risk of Sri Lanka experiencing Tsunami or  Cyclones at the moment.

Therefore the Department has requested the public not to be panic over large scale disasters as such .

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Center has stated that the sea water is currently invades inland areas through southern province and Kalutara district due to monsoon season.

Many people living in Galle reported as  left their houses recently feared over another Tsunami after the sea water invaded the inland areas up to Galle Road.

Government Has Reduced The Special Commodity Tax Imposed On Imported Fish By Rs.25 Per Kilo Gramme

Government has reduced the special commodity tax
imposed on imported fish by Rs.25 per Kilo Gramme from Rs.75 to Rs.50 according to the Ministry Of Finance.

As the local fish production has dropped recently as a result of  the natural disasters occurred in the country  ,Government has taken steps to reduced the tax imposed on imported fish for the benefit of local consumers the Ministry has stated.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Issued A Warrant To Arrest Former Director Of National Blood Transfusion Service Dr.Mangalika Bindusara

Colombo chief magistrate Lal Bandara Ranasinghe has
today (07)  issued a warrant to arrest former Director of the National Blood Transfusion Service ( Blood Bank) Dr.Mangalika Bindusara over not appear before the court for a case filed against her by the Brivery Commission.

The Bribery Commission has filed a court case against Dr.Bindusara over incurred financial  loss to the government through importing an expired Blood Plasma Pherasis kits for the National Blood Transfusion service.

Few people reported as died after using these expired Pheraskits.

The case is due to be taken up for hearing  again on 09th of August.


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A Transformer Explosion Near President Sirisena's Offical Residence

Related imageAn electric transformer situated near the official residence of President Maithripala Sirisena at Kappetipola Mawatha in Colombo-07 had exploded and caught fire this noon it has been reported.

The Fire Brigade have rushed to the scene after being informed on the incident and doused the fire with the help of two fire  trucks .

Around 210 Places In Ratnapura Distrcit Identified As Prone To Landslides

Related imageAround 210 places in Ratnapura District have been identified as prone to landslides according to the National Building Research Organization.

These places have been identified After inspecting 576 areas suspected as prone to landslides in the district.

Meanwhile landslide warnings have issued to the 07 villages and 02 schools in Hambanthota District .

Police Headquarters Informed The Police Officers Residing In A Building In Colpetty To Evacuate Due To Collapse Threat Of The Building

Related image
The Police headquarters have informed around 300 police officers residing in a four storied Police quarters building in Colpetty to evacuate their residences with immediate effect and move to safe places after cracks appeared on the building .

The police officers have been informed to evacuate the building as the building might have  collapsed due to the cracks appeared the Police headquarters has stated.

Police Sargent and constables are residing in the building and due to the construction work of a hotel in nearby land, cracks have appeared on the police quarters building it has been revealed.

A Three Storied Building In Ginigathhena Had Descend And Collapsed

Image result for building collapse clipartA three storied private business building in Peragahamula ,Ginigathhena area on Colombo main road  had completely collapsed to the ground today(07) due to the heavy showers prevailing according to the sources.

The building began to descend since last evening (06) it has been reported.

Around six families living around the building have been evacuated from the area due to this .The evacuated families reported as temporarily moved to houses of their relatives .

Due to the building collapse only one way of the road near to the building has opened for motorists .

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