Friday, August 2, 2019

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A Train Delay Is Experiencing At The Main Railway Line

Image result for sri lanka railway trackA Train delay is being experienced  at the Main Railway Line at present  due to a Technical fault occurred  in a Train travelling from Polgahawela to Colombo Fort near the  Ambepussa Railway station between Alawwa and Polgahawela  it has  been announced.

The Railway authorities are currently working on  to return the situation  to  normalcy according to the Railway Control Room.

Police Have Arrested A 43 Year Old Person With A Stock Of "Goda'

Police officers attached to Western Provincial Crimes Division (North )have arrested a 43 year
old person with  15 Barrels containing 3037 Liters and 500 Mili Liters of "Goda" used to make illicit liquor during a raid carried out at Lagoon area in Mahabhage Police Division  yesterday (02). 

The suspect who is a resident of Ragama due to be  produced before the court.

Prime Minister ,Two Former Law And Order Ministers And State Minister Of Defense To Appear Before Parliamentary Select Committee On Easter Attacks Next Week

The Parliamentary Select Committee
probing Easter Sunday Attacks had requested Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe , Two Former Law and Order Ministers and Current State Minister of Defense to appear before the committee next Tuesday  (06).

Accordingly Prime Minister along with former Law and Order Ministers Sagala Ratnayake ,Ranjith Madduma Bandara and Current State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardane are due to be appeared before the select committee at Parliamentary Complex next Tuesday to give evidence.

Committe is due to visit President Maithripala Sirisena and Colombo Chief Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith to get evidence on Easter Sunday attacks earlier it has been announced .

Meanwhile Deputy Solicitor General of Attorney General's Department Azath Navavi and  Acting Director of the Terrorism Investigations Division (TID)had given evidence before the committee Last Thursday(01).

Six Indian Nationals Arrested With 2.440 KG Of Gold Hidden In Their Bodies

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers attached to Katunayake
Airport have yesterday (02) arrested 06 Indian Nationals whilst attempting to smuggle a stock of Gold weighing 2.440 Kilo Grammes hidden in their bodies to Chennai,India  at Katunayake Airport. 

These suspects have been arrested on two occasions and on the first occasion 04 of them had been arrested by the CID Officials along with 1.60 Kilo Grammes of Gold hidden in their bodies and another 02 Indians have been arrested later With 1.370 Kilo Grammes of Gold in their possession .

The estimated value of the Gold taken into custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.10.7 million according to CID officers .

Indonesia earthquake: Jakarta residents rattled

බැඳීමක් සැබවින්ම සත්‍ය හා ආදරණීය වනුයේ අද හමුවීම මගහැරුණහොත් හෙට හමුවීමේ අදිටන විශ්වාසය ,වුවමනාව එකිනෙකාට ඇති විටදීය -එවැනි එක් වීමක් ප්‍රමාද කිරීම සබඳතාවය පළුදු වීමට හේතු වනු ඇත "

අදාළ රූපය

Court Sentenced The Toy Gun Mayor Of Hambanthota To Five Year Imprisonment

Hmabanthota Provincial High Court Judge Chamara Thennakoon has today (02) sentenced
Hambanthota Mayor Eraj Ravindra Fernando and one of his associates to five year imprisonment over threatening a group of governing United National Party(UNP) MP's when they have arrived in to inspect the   Hambanthorta Harbour on 17th of April 2014 by showing  a gun which he later described to media  as a toy Gun 

Accordingly Hambanthota Mayor along with his associate Premasiri Paranamana were sentenced to five year imprisonment after found guilty for 20 out of 29 charges leveled against them after the incident .

Besides the Prison sentence the accused were ordered to pay Rs.10,000 each for 13 charges (Rs.130,000) and to pay Rs.100,000 each for 13 persons who had given evidence during  the case ..

Police Commission Had Approved The Transfers Of Two Higher Police Officers -Few Hours Later Cancelled It

Only few hours after the National
Police Commission  approving the transferes of Deputy Inspector General Of Police In charge of fKurunagala District Kithsiri Jayalath and Superintendent of Police Of the Kurunagala Division Mahinda Dissanayake, Commission itself cancelled the two  transferes it had been announced .

The Transferes of the two higher Police officers who had been involved in arresting  Dr.Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital  over the charges of earning Aassets through illegal means ,approved earlier by the Police Commission after considering the request made by acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP )Chandana Wistara tne last weekend.

Acting IGP Wikramaratna had requested the Police Commission to transfer the two officers citing their presence may have affect the ongoing inquiry on Sterilization charges against Dr.Safi.

Accordingly Acting IGP Had requested the Police Commission to transfer DIG Jayalath   to Trincomalee Police Division  and SP Dissanayake to KilinochchI Police Division .

The decision however  had been  reversed  by  members   of  the Police Commission later citing A violence may   have occurred in Kurunagala District if they are transferred  according to reports .

Prices Of 01 Kilo And 400 Grammes Of Milk Powder Had Been Increased

A Kilo Gramme and 400 Grammes  of
Imported Milk powder had been increased by Rs.15 and Rs.5 respectively with effect from yesterday  (01)according to the Consumer Affairs Authority .

The decision of the price increase of Milk Powder had been approved  by the Consumer Affairs Authority under the instructions of Cost of Living Committee the Authority has stressed.    


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