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Two Houses In Kalpitiya Have Been Damaged Due To A Landing Of An Empty Bullet Clips On Them

Two houses in a fisheries village at Kandakuliya,Kalpitiya have been damaged due to a falling of an empty bullet clips on  them through a Two Mig fighter Aircrafts engaged in rehearsals this morning(18).Empty Bullet Clips were landed on several estates as well during the rehearsals it has been revealed.

The rehearsals were carriedout by the Airforce Training Camp based in the area and Airforce officers have quickly repaired the damaged houses during the day it has been reported.

Kalpitiya Police have launched an investigations over the incident.

Two Other Suspects Arrested Over The Shooting Incident In Kataragama Were Remanded

The two suspects later arrested over the  shooting  of the Chief Incumbent Of Kataragama Kirivehera Temple Kobawaka Dhamminna thero and another Buddhist Monk near the temple ,have been remanded until 20 th of June by Tissamaharama Magistrate Court this evening(18).

The two 18 year old suspects involved in the gun shooting incident were arrested in Kataragama yesterday (17)and produced before the Tissamaharama Magistrate Court this evening.The two suspects had shot and wounded the Chief Incumbent Of Kirivehera Temple on a Rs.03 million contract.

Three suspects including the main suspect former Mahasen Devalaya head have been also remanded until 20 th of June earlier today.

A University Student Has Died Due To An Electrocution

A 23 year old third year university student attached to the Kelaniya University has died due to an electrocution today(18) near a University Hostel.

The incident occurred when the steel bar the student has used to pluck a fruit in a tree had collided with a power line nearby it has been revealed.

The student was a resident of Kebithigollawa area.



All Leave Of Postal Workers Have Been Cancelled

The Postmaster General has cancelled all Leave of  Postal Workers with effect from tomorrow (19) it has been announced.

Accordingly those Postal Workers who do not report for work by tomorrow will be served as hsving vaccated  their posts the Postmaster General has stated.

Postal workers are being engaged in an Islandwide strike since 08 days demanding solutions for their service demands.

Veteran Popular Singer Ivor Dennis Has Passed Away

  • Veteran Popular local singer and the only singer who had the similar voice of late Sunil Shantha ,Ivor Dennis has passed away at his home in Seeduwa today(18)after prolonged illness.

He was 86 years old at the time of his death.The Late Ivor Dennis had received hospital treatment as well recently for his illness.

He sang popular songs of late Sunil Shantha as his best student and sung  his own songs as well  including "Handunagaththoth Oba Ma"  for the "Bambaru Awith" film and "Oba pibidila"for the "Deweni Gamana"film.

"May his soul rest in peace".

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Galle Face Entry Had Closed From Lotus Rundabout This Noon DUE To A Protest March

Image result for lotus roundaboutThe Galle Face entry road had been closed from the Lotus Roundabout this noon (18) due to a protest march conducted by the Postal workers who are involved in an Island Wide strike these days.

The protest march was conducted towards the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo Fort  from Central Mail Exchange in Fort .

Due to the island wide strike launched by the Postal workers demanding solutions for their service demands since eight days ,postal delays are being reported and millions of letters and parcels are being stucked at the Central Mail Exchange.

A Sudden Fire Occurred In An Old Ship Anchored In Kankasanthurai

Image result for old ship in kankesanthurai caught fireA sudden fire had occurred in an old  Ship owned by a Sri Lankan Businessman and without any goods in it which is being anchored  at the  Mayliti fisheries harbor in Kankasanthurai ,Jaffna  since one year ,this morning (18) .

The fire was doused by the Fire Brigades attached to the Sri Lanka Navy and the Jaffna Municipal Council .

The ship which was used to transport cement from India to Sri Lanka sometime back is being anchored at the Fisheries harbour due to a technical default .

The cause of the fire not yet been revealed and Kankasanthurai Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.



A Group Of Buddhist Monks Begun A "Satyagraha" Demanding The Release Of Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero

Related imageA Group of Buddhist Monks had began a "Adishtana Puja " and "Satyagraha" in front of the Bo Tree at Colombo Fort this evening (18) demanding the release of the imprisoned Ven.Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero who is the General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Organization and sentenced to one year imprisonment to be served in six months last week.

The protest march of the Budhhist Monks organized  by the "Pavidi Handa" Organization and few other Buddhist Organizations had arrived at the Bo Tree  caused heavy traffic around Colombo Fort.At present there is a heavy traffic around Olcott Mawatha in Colombo Fort due to the "Satyagraha " according to reports.

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Heavy Showers And Strong Winds Disrupted Activities In Ampara District-Nearly 140 Houses Were Damaged

Image result for strong windsNearly 140 houses have been damaged due to the heavy showers and strong winds occurred in Several Provincial Secretariat divisions in Ampara District last evening (17)according to the authorities .

Due to the strong winds blown away across the Provincial Secretaries  power supply lines were broken as a result of falling treas on them and transport activities in several roads have been blocked due to the fallen treas it has been reported.

Many villages in Ampara District are being experienced power failures due to this situation .

Three Suspects Arrested Over The Gun Shooting Incident In Kataragama Kirivehera Were Remanded

Image result for remandedThe three suspects arrested in Colombo over the gun shooting incident against the Chief Incumbent of the Kataragama Kirivehera Temple Kobawaka Dhamminna Thero and another Monk of the temple.Including the former head of the Mahasen Devalaya of the Temple Asela Bandara have been remanded until 20th of June by the Tissamaharama Magistrate Court today(18).

The three suspects who were arrested in Papiliyana area by the special police team attached to the Tangalle Divisional Crimes Investigations Division were brought to Tangalle yesterday and produced before the Magistrate Court today.

The other two suspects who were identified as shot and wounded the Chief Incumbent of Kirivehera and other Monk over a Rs.3 million contract offered to them are due to be produced before the court today(18). The two suspects were arrested in Kataragama area yesterday (17).

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