Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lessons Learnt And Reconciliation Commission To Hear Representations Of UN panelists

As Sri Lankan Government has decided to facilitate the visit of UN Panelists who are probe in alleged war crimes against Sri Lanka the Lessons Learn t And Reconciliation Commission(LLRC) will hear their representations according to the Commission's sources.

The Commission has also stated that they will follow the normal procedures after hearing the representations of the UN Panelists.

A Part Of The Galle Road In Colombo Caved In For The Second Time

A part of the Galle Road near Roxy Cinema Hall in Wellawatta (in Colombo) caved in again today after it caved in on 04th of May in the year 2007.Due to this Road Traffic which lasted few hours occurred in the area this noon according to the sources.

The Road was under repairs after it was first caved in.

Junior Medical Adminstrators/Consultants Feared Over The Service Extensions Of Their Senior Counterparts

Junior Medical Administrators and Consultants working in Outstations feared that they will not able to get transfers to  the State Hospitals in Colombo and Suburbs from some time as Some Senior Medical Administrators  attached to  Major Hospitals in Colombo who reached the retirement age applied for service extensions.

According to the Health Ministry Sources Few Medical Administrators who are already reached the retirement age of 60 applied for service extensions already.It has been reported that if these Medical Administrators getting the requisite Service Extensions a group of senior consultants working in Colombo based state hospitals who also reached the retirement age  too planning to apply for Service Extensions.If such a thing happened Junior Consultants working in outstation hospitals will not able to get transfers to Colombo from some time the Health Ministry sources stressed.

The sources further added that some senior Medical Administrators who are closed to retirement age already begun to go after Cabinet Ministers to get some political backing to extend their service period.

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