Friday, September 6, 2013

Public Services Nurses Union (PSNU) Want President To Intervene And Find A Solution For Milk Powder Crisis

The Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) has yesterday (06)requested President Mahinda Rajapaksha to intervene and  find a fair solution for the milk powder crisis occurred in the country.the president of PSNU Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said the Industrial Technology Institute(ITI) which is  testing milk powder samples to see whether they are contaminated with DCD chemical has sent  a different report to the Ministry Of Health on 03rd of September by stating those milk powder batches removed from the market early Last Month due to contained DCD now free from that chemical.

Some authorities have trying to cover up the real situation and the so called second report on DCD is a clue on that Venerable Thero has said.due to this situation president should have intervene and solve this matter through a fair inquiry in to the incident as the milk powder crisis now becomes a national issue here he has further added.

Assurance Cannot Be Given To All Milk Powders In The Market Untill Tests Are Completed.-GMOA President

Assurance cannot be given to all milk powder varieties available in the market as DCD Chemical free until the tests are completed on all of them the president of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Anura Padeniya has said.according to him the tests of less then 10 milk powder samples concluded by Industrial Technology Institute up to now as around 120 million packets of DCD contaminated else suspected as contaminated still sold in the market .

"The GMOA has not satisfied the way the Ministry Of Health has sending the milk powder samples to ITI for DCD tests and only selected samples have been sent for the tests up to now" he has stressed.

Meanwhile the deputy health minister lalith dissanayake has said in Parliament yesterday(05)that the ministry of health will assure all milk powder products available in the market are free from DCD Chemical.

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