Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Twenty One Northern Provincial Councilors Handed Over A No Confirdence Motion Against Chief Minister Vigneshwaren

Image result for no confidence motionTwenty one Northern Provincial Councilors have handed over a no confidence motion against the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C.V Vigneshwaren yesterday(14)  as a protest of the tough stand of the Chief Minister over four Provincial Council Ministers who are charged over fraud and corruption.

Due to the allegations leveled against four Ministers ,Chief Minister Vigneshwaren had requested two of them who are Ministers of Agriculture and Education to resign from their posts and other two to get a one month leave until the inquiries  conducting  against them completed.

Northern Provincial Council had conducted a debate on the fraud and corruption charges leveled against the Ministers yesterday .

Chief Minister who is subjected to the no confidence motion has appointed a three member committee last September to probe on fraud and corruption allegations leveled against the four Ministers.

A School Girl Was Killed After Colliding With A Tipper Truck On Nanu-oya-Hatton Road

Image result for accident graphicA small School Girl was killed after colliding with a Tipper Truck when crossing the road near the Nanu- Oya railway bridge on Nanuoya-Hatton main road today(15).

As the residents of the area had set fire to the Tipper Truck after the incident the transport activities on the Nanu-oya-Hatton main road  was blocked for hours it has been reported.

A heated arguments exchanged between the resident of the area and Police regarding the incident.Later Nanu-oya Police have arrested the driver of the Tipper Truck who is responsible for the tragic death of the School Girl .

Police have controlled the situation afterwards and  the transport activities of the road  back to normal at present .

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An Unidentified Black Substance Bubbling In Three Landslide Hit Areas In Ratnapura

An unidentified black substance bubbling at the  three
landslide hit areas in Ratnapura District  according to the residents .

Accordingly the substance have been found bubbling in landslide hit areas of Ayagama,Kolambawa and Munaheenwatte in Ratnapura District.Roots of some trees toppled over due to the landslides have been burnt due to the substance it has been reported.

Meanwhile the landslide warnings issued to seven Districts of Ratnapura ,Kegalle,Galle,Matara,Hambant
hota,,Kalutara and Nuwara Eliya have been further extended for another 24 hours according to the National Building Research Organization.

No Sri Lankans Have Been Affected Due To The Fire Broke Out In London Building

No Sri Lankan have been affected due to the hug
e fire broke out in Residency Building "Grenfell "Tower in West London,United Kingdom last night (14)which killed around twelve persons and injured more than seventy five  persons according to the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

According to the latest reports eighteen persons who got injured due to the fire are in Intensive Care units of six hospitals .

A 69 Year Old Patient Committed Suicide By Jumping From Kandy Hospital Building

A 69 year old patiend had committed suicide this
morning (14)by jumping from a four storied building in Kandy Teaching Hospital.

The patient who was admitted to ward 23 had jumped from the hospital building while taking for a ENT Test according to reports.

The deased had been identified as a resident of wattegama area.

A Mother And Her Child Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A mother and her three year old son have been
injured and hospitalized after a wild elephant attacked the motor car they were travelling in at Rathuwewa area in Hambanthota.

The injured were admitted to the Hambanthota General Hospital for treatment.

The elephant had attacked the vehicle travelling from  Thissamaharamaya to Ambalanthota while crossing the road according to the police. 

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