Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CPA Executive Director Detained And Questioned By The Terrorist Investigations Department.

Well known Sri Lankan Activist and the Executive Director of the Center For Policy Alternatives(CPA) Dr.Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu had Detained and questioned this morning by the Terrorist Investigations Department(TID) at the Katunayaka International Air Port up on his arrival to the Island from an Oversees Trip.According to the Dr.Saravanamuttu he had been detained for a short while by the Authorities of the Air Port and later the TID Officials questioned him and after wards released.

Health Minister To Submit The Cuban Report To Local Experts Before Cabinet

Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva who was announced last weak that he is keen of forwarding the Cuban Epidemiologists Report on using Cuban Methodology into Dengue Control Activities here to the Cabinet now says before submitting the Report to the Cabinet he wants to getting the Views and Ideas of the Experts here.

After getting the Exposure from the Local Panel Of Experts the Cuban Report will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval the Minister stressed during a Media Seminar in Colombo this noon.

According to the Health Minister he himself is planning to negotiate with the Air Force for getting Helicopters for Spraying BTI Bacteria in to the Dengue Risk Areas by Air as recommended by the Report.

DGHS Ordered To Remove The Batch Of Insect Contaminated Injection

The Director General Of Health Services (DGHS)Dr.Ajith Mendis ordered the Colombo National Hospital Director to removed the Stock of around 1000 Omeprazole Injection Vials belongs to the Batch of Insect Contaminated Injection Vial supplied to the Surgical Unit of the Hospital.

The DGHS has been also instructed the National Drug Authority and the National Drug Regulatory Authority to conduct an Investigation on the Insect Contaminated Injection Vial and about the Company which supplied these Vials to the National Hospital and submitted a Report to him with an immediate effect.

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Officials yesterday revealed about the Insect contaminated Injection Vial using for Gastritis Patients with Ulcers before and after the Surgery.

50,000 New TB Cases In Next 10 Years

It has been estimated that around 50,000 New Tuberculosis(TB) Cases will be reported from Sri Lanka Within Next 10 years the Director of the National TB and Chest Diseases Control Programme Dr.P Alwis said today.These Patients will be in the 15-34 Age Group and higher number of Patients should be Males according to the Dr.Alwis.

TB Deaths too will increase more than the current Death Rate of 1685 Cases per year.If the Current TB Control Activities Prevails continuously around 35,000 TB Deaths will saved within next 5 years according to the TB Control Programme Director."Sri Lanka is setting a target to eliminating TB by the year 2015" he stressed.

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