Friday, August 17, 2018



A Motorcyclist And A Female Pedestrian Were Killed Due To A Road Accident

A Motorcyclist and a female pedestrian
were killed after a Motorcycle crashed in to a wall belonging to a Private Medical.Institute and colliding with a Pedestrian  female crossing the road at that time at Palawatte area on Madam pe -Kuliyapitiya  main road last night (16).

The critically injured Motorcyclists and the female had succumbed to their injuries on admission to Chilaw Base Hospital.

The Motorcyclist who was a 31 year old resident of Palawatte area was travelling from Madampe to Kuliyapitiya  at the time of the incident and met with the accident due to his inability to controlling the vehicle .The deceased female waa also a resident of Palawatte area.

A Youth Was Arrested With Fake Thousand Rupees Notes

Police officers attached to the Anti
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Fraud Unit of the Galenbindunuwewa Police have arrested a 20 year old person with fake Thousand rupees notes worth Rs.70,000 and printing machines in possession at  his house in Galenbindunuwewa area today (17).

The Police Team had raided the house of the suspect as per a complaint received against him by stating that  he is a Heroin smuggler.However The team had recovered the fake Thousand rupees notes and printing machines stored inside a Almirah and no Heroin has been detected in the house .

The suspect is due to be produced before Anuradhapura Magistrate Court tomorrow (18).




Worlds Largest Dessert Pizza Was Made By The Chefs Attached To A Nuwara -Eliya Hotel

The world's largest Dessert Pizza named as "Strawberry Pizza" wrighting 1400 Kilo Grammes has been made by the chefs of Grand Hotel in Nuwara -Eliya according to reports.

The Pizza which was made by using 200 Kilo Grammes of locally grown Strawberries is 6 inches high and diagram of the Pizza is around 25 feet according to reports.

The Dessert Pizza can be consumed by around 6000 persons the Chief Chefs of the Grand Hotel Nuwara -Eliya Viraj Jayaratne and Priyantha Weerasinghe have stated.

The Pizza which will be displayed at the hotel for ten days from today (17) was made to popularise Strawberries grown in Nuwara -Eliya ,Sri Lanka  world wide it has been announced.Around 100 chefs attached to the Grand Hotel which earlier made world's largest Potatoe Cake had  contributed for making the Pizza. 

Popular Painter "Sarath Madu" Has Passed Away

One of the famous local Artists who made popular picture stories in 1970's up to present Balangoda Sarath madu has passed away today at the age of 69.

Sarath Madu who waa born as Dora wala maddage Sarath Baddage has made his name through the famous picture story he made for "SITHTHARA"  picture story paper in 70's "Ithin Eeta Passe" with popular characters kalum and Dedunu.

The picture story was very popular at thst time and even Veteran Musician Victor Ratnayake has composed a song and sung titled  "Ithin Eeta Passe" song based on the story .

The funeral.of the Late Sarath.madu is due to be held at Udahammulla General Cemetery in Nugegoda on Monday (20).

"May he attain supreme bliss of nibbana".

A House In Nuwara-Eliya Had Completely Destroyed Due To A Soil Mound

A house at Blackpool area in Nuwara-
Eliya had completely destroyed after Collapsing of a Soil Mound on to the house today (17) it has been reported.

However no one was injured due to the incident as the residents  were not in the house  at the time  .AS there's a Landslide risk in the area authorities have moved  the residents of the house nearby  to a safe place .

Meanwhile due to collapsing of several Soil Mounds as a result of heavy showers in the area ,the Nuwara-Eliya -World's End and Nuwara-Eliya - Thalawakale roads had been blocked from Blackpool area for hours since this evening it has been revealed.


A Wild Elephant Was Shot And Killed In Anuradhapura

A Wild Elephant who had arrived in a
Chena at Halmillakulam area in Anuradhapura was shot and killed by someone with a local firearm  it has been reported.

The Elephant who waa lying down at the Chana with gun shot  injuries had been treated by Wild Life officers after being informed by residents of the area

However the Elephant who was nearly five years old  had succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment yesterday  (16) it has been revealed.

Some Areas Of Ratnapura And Nuwara-Eliya Are At Risk Of Landslides?

Some  areas of Ratnapura and Nuwara-
Eliya Districts are at risk of Landslides if the Heavy showers prevailing there  at present continues further according to Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly Ratnapura,Ehaliyagoda and Kuruwita  attached to Ratnapura District and Ambagamuwa and Kotmale ateas attached to Nuwara-Eliya District are at risk of Landslides due to the heavy showers .

Meanwhile Meteorologists have stated thst the heavy showers and strong winds prevailing in some areas will continue further.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Was Questioned For Two And Half Hours Regarding Abduction And Assaulting of Keith Noyer

Five officers attached to Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) including it's director Shani Abeysekare had questioned the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe around two and half hours  at his residence in Wijerama Road  ,Colombo -07  over the abducting and assaulting of former Editor  of  the "Nation " paper Keith Noyer.

The former President Rajapakshe Had given the statement regarding the abducting and assaulting of Keith Noyer at a room of his official residence and hosted two tea parties for the CID team visited his residence during questioning.

Attorneys of former President Had also attended behalf of him during  questioning and Joint opposition MP's and some supporters of former President Have  gathered outside his official rezidence during the questioning.

After the questioning the former President has told the media that this is  a political revenge.

Former Nation paper Editor Keith Noyer was abducted and assaulted by an unidentified group of persons on 22nd of May 20,

Hatton -Colombo Main Road Had Been Completely Closed Due To Adverse Weather

Hatton-Colombo main road had been
completely closed down since this noon (17) for traffic due to a Landslide threat

Police have requested the motorists to use an alternative routes when travelling due to this situation  .

The road was earlier closed down from Shannon watte area as a result of Collapsing a  Soil Mound to the road and this morning it was reopened for traffic after removing the Soil Mound.

However the road had been completely closed this noon again following Landslide threat caused due to heavy showers prevailing in the area.