Sunday, October 16, 2016


A Person With 35,800 Illegal Cigarettes Had Been Arrested At Katunayake Air Port

The Air Port customs officers have today (16) arrested a 36 year old Sri Lankan who brought a stock of 35,800  foreign Cigarettes illegally to the country at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port.

The value of the stock of Cigarettes in possession of the suspect is estimated as Rs.1.5 million according to the Air Port Customs Officers.

The suspect who is a resident in Maligawatte Area has arrived in Katunayake Air Port from Dubai it has been reported.

The Air Port Customs Officers are currently questioning the suspect regarding the incident.

Navy Personal Arrested A Person With Six Kilos Of Cannabis In His Possession At Mattakkuliya

Navy Personal had arrested a person who was transporting a haul of cannabis by a three wheeler with 6 kilo grammes of cannabis in his possession at Mattakkuliya area.

The Navy Personal had handed over the suspect along with the haul of cannabis to Paliyagoda Police for further action.


Sri Lankan President Sirisena Had Talks With Indian Prime Minister Modi

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena who arrived in Goa,India to participate the 08th  BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit had today (16) met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi and held talks on bi lateral issues it has been reported.

During the meeting Indian Prime Minister thanked the Sri Lankan president Sirisena for accepting his invitation and participating the summit.

Sri Lankan President had met several other leaders as well during the summit including the Burmese leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi and held talks with them 

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe Arrived In Brussels For Talks On GSP+

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe who arrived in Belgian Capital Brussels today (16) had participated several rounds of preliminary talks with European Union officials regarding regaining the  GSP+  facility to Sri Lankan Apparel Industry it has been reported.

During his visit to Belgium Prime Minister Wikramasinghe is due to hold several rounds of talks with the higher officials of European Union,European Commission and European Parliament from this Monday (17) to Thursday (20) regarding regaining GSP+to Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister has also held bi lateral talks today  with Belgian leaders.

Severe Injuries Received To The Head And Heavy Bleeding Caused The Death Of Late Tele Actress-Post Mortem

The post mortem carried out at the Colombo South Teaching Hospital regarding the death of tele drama actress Kaveesha Ayeshsni this morning has revealed the cause of  her death as the severe injuries received to right side of her head and heavy bleeding.

The CCTV Video footage installed at the road where the accident has  occurred to deceased tele drama actress had shown that due to the rainy weather condition prevailing at the time of the accident and slippery condition of the road the car slipped away and collided with a bus parked on the side of the road in Jubilee Post ,Nugegoda.

Police have however arrested the driver of the Private Bus regarding the accident.

The  liver parts of the late tele actress had been sent to the government analyst for further analysis regarding the death.



Tele Drama Actress Kaveesha Ayeshani Was Killed Due To A Motor Car Accident

Tele Drama actress in new era Kaveesha Ayeshani (25) was killed in the wee hours of this morning as the car she was driving in collided with a private bus at Jubilee Post in Nugegoda (Colombo).

The actress who came into fame through a role she played in "Korale Mahattaya" tele drama had succumbed to her injuries after admission to the Colombo South Teaching Hospital it has been reported.

Her funeral is due to take place on this Wednesday (19).

Wild Elephants Attacked And Destroyed Around 25 Houses In Vilachchiya

Around 25 houses located in Thulana area at Vilachchiya village( Anuradhapura District)were destroyed  due to a Wild Elephant attack according to reports.

A group of Wild Elephants entered the village and attacked houses as the electric fence built in the area to prevent them entering the village was damaged by illegal sand minors .

The illegal sand minors in the village had damaged the electric fence to pave the way for their tractors.

Gazette Notification On Reduction Of 47 Essential Drug Prices To Be Issued During This Week-Minister Of Health

The Gazette Notification Regarding  the reducing  prices of 47 widely  used essential drugs prescribe for ailments including Diabetes  High Blood Pressure  and  Heart Diseases is due to be issued within this week according to the Minister Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

This Gazette Notification will include the varities of drugs subjected to reduction and the way the prices are reduced  the Ministry of Health has announced.

The price reduction of 47 essential drugs is based on the price reduction mechanism prepared under the National Drug Policy by Independant Drug Regulatoty Authority the Ministry  has stated.

After reducing prices of 47 essential drugs the prices of  highly expensive drugs in the market like cancer drugs will be reduced afterwards the Health Ministry has stressed.

During the Meeting the Minister of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had with ministry officials and officers of Independant Drug Authority and State Pharmaceuticals Corporation on last Friday at the Health Ministry the Minister has revealed that during the discussions held with National Chamber Of Drugs on price reduction of drugs the Chamber has requested not to apply price reduction mechanism to drugs imported from Europe and USA but he has turned down the request.

"Some Drug Companies are planning to create an artificial drug shortage after  reduction of drug prices,but we will be prepared to face it" he hss stresed.