Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Man Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack At Wellawaya

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A 53 Year old person was killed due to an attack by a wild elephant at Galpoththaara in Ethiliwewa ,Wallawaya area yesterday[09] according to the Wellawaya  Police.

The critically injured person has died after admitted to the Wellawaya Hospital.Wellawaya Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.
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Sri Lanka Navy Have Rescued Four Indian Fishermen Who Were Stranded In Their Boat

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have rescued four Indian Fishermen who were stranded in their boat in the western seas off Sri Lanka  on Last Monday after their boat developed  an engine trouble it has been reported.

Navy Personal have  taken the boat along with the four fishermen to the Dikowita Fisheries Harbor and provided food and necessary first aid to the fishermen  Navy sources have stated.

The  steps had been taken to repair the engine trouble of the boat  and the rescued. Indian fishermen had released at the International maritime boundary line  the sources have revealed.

Sri Lanka Navy Have Detained Four Indian Fishermen While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Image result for indian fishermenSri Lankan Navy Personal have today (09) detained four Indian Fishermen while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters near Naina Island off the coast of Jaffna Peninsula (Northern Province) it has been reported.

The Navy Personal have also taken into custody the boats the detained Indian fishermen were in .The detained fishermen were arrived from Pudukkotai in Tamil Nadu the Navy has stated.


More Than Ten Thousand Diabetic Patients In Sri Lanka Have Died Annually Due To Complications- WHO

More than ten thousand Diabetic Patients have died annually in Sri Lanka due to complications of the disease according to the Sri Lankan Office of World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the latest statistics available around 8% of the Sri Lankan Adults are suffering from Diabetes and 26% are overweight which is a risk factor for diabetes. and another 7% are Obese.

Around 90% of the Diabetes  can be prevented through good food habits and physical activity WHO has stated.

Diabetes is avoidable through Consuming nutritious meal especially for break first,Exercise 30 minutes daily,maintain healthy weight,avoid alcohol and tobacco,eat more vegetables and fruits and drink water to quench  thirst instead of taking sugary drinks WHO has stated.

Government Hospital PSM'S To Hold A Protest Campaign In Front Of The Health Ministry

The  Professions  supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) attached to the government hospitsls are due to hold a protest campaign in front of the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indeginous Medicine in Colombo on this Thursday (11) from 12 noon to 1 p.m by demanding solutions for their long standing ten  service demands .

Accordingly the PSM'S namely government pharmacists,radiographers,medical laboratory technologists (MLT's),physiotherapists and occupational therapists are demanding to solve ten of their service demands including make their service an island wide service,allow government PSM'S to do private practice after duty  hours and establish a director post for PSM'S.

Vijaya Nandasiri's Funeral Is On Thursday

The funeral of the Popular stage and tele drama actor Vijaya Nandasiri who passed away yesterday(08)is  scheduled to take place on this Thursday (11)at Mount Lavinia.

The 69 year old actor who passed away on admission to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital following a sudden heart attack had undergone a bypass operation in  the year 2000.

He is also known as an examplery and  down to earth personality besides his popularity as an actor.Also unlike most of his contemporaries  he didn't go after politicians  during his career according to sources

As a tribute to this great a actor would like to publish this song.The song is from the film "Nadayo" where he portrait the main role.



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Soft Drinks At The Local Market Contains Sugar Levels More Than Thrice The Amount Recommended By WHO For An Individual

drinking soft drinks සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
According to a survey carried out recently by the Consumer Affairs Authority the majority of the soft drinks available at the local market contains sugar more than thrice the amount that recommended by World Health Organization(WHO)to consume daily for an individual according to the director of Consumer Affairs and Information  at the Consumer Affairs Authority Chandrika Thilakaratne.

Accordingly most of the soft drinks including carbonated drinks ,fruit juices and fruit nectar bottles in the market contains sugar levels  up to 15 grammes per 100 mili liters although WHO recommended the daily sugar requirement of an individual  should be 5  to 6  grammes she has stressed.

The Popular "Yoghurt Drink" which is available in the market at present and popular among school children and youth contains highest sugar level found in a soft drink bottle so far  and  it contains 21 grammes of sugar per 150 mili liters she has stated.

"Imagine what will be the situation  if a person drinking two bottles of drinking Yoghurt daily ,especially the school children .In near future they will ended up with diabetes" the director of Consumer Affairs Authority has stated during a press briefing held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday(08).

This survey has been carried out by using 36 varieties of Soft Drinks available in the local market .As Diabetes in the society is on the increase in Sri Lanka due to the higher consumption of sugary food and drinks the Health Ministry has decided to take stern action against those soft drink manufacturers who are not able to display sugar levels of their drink products through color code system introduced recently according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala .

Speaker Informed The Parliament On Supreme Courts Decision On VAT

Image result for sri lanka parliamentThe Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has today(09) informed the Parliament that the Supreme Court has stated it couldn't give a decision regarding the Value Added Tax(VAT) Amendment Bill as it was not presented by following  due procedure.

After informed it to the parliament ,the Speaker had summoned an emergency meeting with party leaders to discuss the matter it has been reported.

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