Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EU Commission To Decide GSP Plus On Sri Lanka i

The Commission  on The European Union is to meet on 15th of October to discuss on the GSP Plus Concession for  Sri Lanka.The final Decision on granting of GSP Plus to Sri Lanka is to be taken at the end of the year according to the EU Sources.

Health Secretary To Appoint An Inquiry Committee To Probe 38 Blood Bank Officials

The Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage is due to appoint a Special Inquiry Committee to probe a Formal Disciplinary Inquiry against the 38 defendants of the Issuing Of Expired Blood Kits Case.These Defendants were already received Charge Sheets to explain there positions regarding the Charges leveled against them within two weak's  time.

After they make out  there explanations  the Committee will begin the Inquiry Health Ministry Sources said today.The defendants who were issued Charge Sheets included  the former Director of the National Blood Centre in Colombo Dr.Mangalika Bindusara.Due to the Public Services Commission(PSC) delays the issuing of Charge Sheets to the above defendants the Powers vested to the PSC were transfer to the Health Secretary through  a Special Cabinet Order last weak..

Ten Suspects Of The IT Student Assault Case Were Further Remanded

The Colombo Magistrate Court today refused Bail and further remanded the 10 Suspects including the Son and Wife of the Former SSP Vaas Gunawardena who are taken into Custody regarding the assault over IT Student Nipuna Ramanayaka..The Court also instructed the Police to get an Information from another Police on one other  Suspect involved in the Incident.


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