Sunday, April 23, 2017


A Motor Cyclist Was Killed In Road Accident At Meerigama

A young Motor Cyclist was killed after the Motor Cycle
he was riding in veering off the road and crashed into a tree in thalakolayaya on Meerigama-Kotadeniyawa road yesterday (22).

 The accident was occurred after the Motor Cyclist unable to control the speed of the vehicle according to the Police.

The deceased had been identified as a resident of weerambugedera area.

World Bank To Send A Team Of Consultants To Sri Lanka To Probe On Solid Waste Management

World Bank has decided to send a Team Of
Consultants to Sri Lanka for an investigation on Solid Waste Management in the country according to the Ministry Of Finance.

World Bank is willing to help to solve Garbage problem in  Sri Lanka it has been reported.

The decision to send a Team of Consultants to Sri Lanka has been taken during an annual congress of  World Bank  and International Monetary Fund the Finance Ministry has stated.l

Twrnty One Tea Pluckers Were Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack In Bagawanthalawa

Twenty one Tea Pluckers including eighteen Females
were injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack in Bagawanthalawa area it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Hospital for treatment and most of them later discharged from the Hospital after recieving treatment.

The injured Tea Pluckers are residents of Bagawanthalawa area .

Navy Have Arrested A Person With 511 Kilo Grammes Of Red Sandalwood

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have arrested a person while
transporting an expensive  511 Kilo Grammes Of Red Sandalwood through a Dinghy Boat from India to Sri Lanka today (23) in annawasala area in Kalpitiya.

The suspect and the stock of Sandalwood are due to handover to the Sinnapadu Customs Office for future course of action.


A Van Completely Destroyed Due To Caught Fire On Southern Expressway

A van carried a group of foreign Tourists to Colombo
had suddenly  caught fire this noon(23) between Baddegama and Kurundugaha Miles Post entry of  the Southern Expressway it has been reported .

The passengers of the Van escaped unhurt and the Vehicle was completely damaged due to the fire .

Petroleum Unions To Launch Island Wide Strike From Midnight Today(23)

The Ceylon Petroleum Joint Trade Union  Alliance
comprising  with Seven unions is due to launch an island wide continuous strike from midnight today(23) over several demands including suspending of the signing of a pact with India on handing over the 99 oil tanks in Trincomalee Harbor to Indian Oil Company (IOC) .

According to the Joint Trade Union Alliance due to the strike there will be a severe shortage of fuel in the country as the strikers are stopping the distribution of fuel island wide during the strike .

Meanwhile there's a fuel shortage in most parts of the country at present according to the Petroleum Unions .

Japanese Experts Instructed Authorities To Take Precautionary Measures As There's A Danger Of Collapsing The Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain Again

The visiting Japanese Technical Expert  Team has
istructed the residents lives near the Disaster hit Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain not to light a flammable things including Cigarettes due to the rising levels of Methane Gas in the area it has been revealed.

As there's a danger of collapsing the remained part of the Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain anytime ,the Japanese Experts have advised the personal  who involved  in the rescue operation in the  disaster hit area to conclude their operations quickly as possible and move away from the area.

The rescue operations in search of the missing persons continues today (23) as well in the disaster hit area of the Garbage Mountain .

Authorities Have Covered The Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain With Mackintosh To Prevent Further Collapse

Authorities have taken steps to cover
four areas of the Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain suspected as might  collapse due to a rain   with a rubber sheet "Mackintosh" as a precautionary meassure .

Half walls also built near the Garbage Mountain to prevent further collapse of it ,it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the power supply to the area which was cut soon after the collapsing of the Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain has been restored today (23) while considering the rising levels of Methane gas in the area according to the Army.

The ten member Japanese Technical Expert team which  visited the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump last week had stated that the Methane Gas in the airspace of disaster hit area increased by 16 percent .

The Japanese Team is due to handover the report prepared by them after investigating on the Meethotamulle disaster to Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe tomorrow (24) it has been reported.

The National Building Research Organization has revealed that there's no connection between the increased levels of  Methane Gas in the airspace and the Garbage Mountain collapse .


79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...