Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sri Lankan Buddhist Center In London Was Attacked By LTTE Supporters

Sri Lankan Buddhist Center in Kingsbury situated in North West of London was attacked by a group of unidentified persons believed to be Pro-LTTE Supporters this morning.This Center is the Ninth Buddhist Centre to be attacked by LTTE Supporters in recent weeks.

"Attackers threw stones and broken the Front Windows of the Buddhist Center and ran away "the Head of the Sri Saddhatissa Buddhist centre Venerabal Galayaye Piyadassi Thero said.Police came to the scene few minutes after the incident but not able to arrest anyone regrading the incident Thero further added.

Meanwhile Brent Police increased the Petrol in the area and launched an Investigation into the incident.

Local Worker Of The International Red Cross Killed Due To Shelling

An International Red Cross(ICRC) worker and his Mother was killed at the New Safe Zone due to Shell Attack this Afternoon.

ICRC Spokeswoman Sarasi Wijerathna said a 31 year old local worker of the Red Cross and His Mother was killed from the Shell Attack inside the Safe Zone.

High Court Issued An Open Warrent For LTTE Leader And His Intelligance Chief

Colombo High Court today Issued an Open Warrent to Arrest LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaren and LTTE Intelligance Chief Pottuamman over the Assassination of Former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamer.

Mr.Kadiragamer was assassinated on August 2005.

Prabhakaren and Pottuamman are also named as International Criminals and the Prime Suspects in connection with the Assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Navy destroyed Four Suicide Sea Tiger Boats came to recapture the newly liberated area of No Fire Zone

Sri Lankan Navy destroyed Four Suicide Sea Tiger Boats of LTTE came to recapturing the newly liberated area of No Fire Zone in Northern Sri Lanka this morning after 4 Hours of fierce fighting.

Large Number of Attacking Crafts of LTTE came to assist the Suicide Boats went missing after the Navy attack.

The fighting erupted from 9 P.M last night when the Navy witnessed two Sea Tiger Boats entering to the sea from Coastal Area of the No Fire Zone.Fighting lasted till 4 A.M this morning according to the Security Sources.The Four Sea Tiger Boats were exploded and the exact number of LTTE Casualties are not known so far Sources added.