Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Australian Police Arrested The Chief Suspect Of The Acid Thrown Case Over Sri Lankan Students

Australian Police today arrested the Chief Suspect of the Acid Throwing Case over two Sri Lankan Students reside in Sydney on last May.The Suspect a 25 year old name Amathepan Srikanthraja was arrested this morning after he made himself presence at the Maryylands Police as requested by the Police.

He will charged on attempting Murder and Ilegal Home Invasion according to the Australian Police.Around Five People including the arrested Suspect broken into the House in Sydney on the night of 17th of May,where the Two Sri Lankan Students Jayasri Watawala(22) and Chathurika Weerasinha(27) are reside in and thrown Acid on them.Due to this incident the two students suffering from Critical Burns on their faces and the ankle of one of the Studens was broken.Now they are recovering from the Injuries.

Australian Police launched an Investigation to Arrest other Suspects and also investigating on to find out whether the brawl between Sinhalese and Tamil Communities in Australia over the defeeting of LTTE led this incident.

Government Hospital Nurses To Wear Casual Cloths If Their Uniform Allowance Not Paid on Time

All Sri Lankan Government Hospital Nurses will giving up their uniforms and reported to Work from Casual Cloths if the Health Ministry fails to provide the Annual Uniform Allowance of Nurses by 10th of July The Government Nursing Officers Union said today.

According to the Union Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage promised them to paying the Allowance which was due to paid along with the Nurses Salary of March by 10th of July.If the Ministry fails to keep that Promise Nurses will wear Casual Cloths afterwards Union further stressed.There are more then 15,000 Nurses employed in the Government Hospitals.

Fuel Prices Are Increased From Midnight Today

Soon after the Revising of Gas Prices Government today announced a Fuel Prices hike effective from Midnight today.According to the New Price hike Petrol 90 Octane is increased by Rs.10 and 95 Octane by Rs.15.The Litre of Diesal is increased from Rs.3 and Kerosene and Furnace Oil are increased from Rs 1 .

Another Two Swine Flu Patients Identified-Total Number Of Patients Increased To Eighteen

Another two new Sri Lankan Swine Flu Patients were identified today raising the total number of Swine Flu Patients to Eighteen.The two Ten year old boys who were returned to the Island from Australia and Canada were admitted to the Angoda Fever Hospital yesterday after developing Swine Flu Symptoms according to the Director of the Hospital Dr.Anura Senanayaka.

According to the Blood Tests They were proved as suffering from the Swine Flu he said.Aso Another two Suspected Swine Flu Patients were admitted to the hospital today he stressed.

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