Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Lorry Collision

A motorcyclist was killed on the spot after the
motorcycle he was riding colliding with a lorry this morning (23) in ulapane area on Nawalapitiya-Gampola main road.

The high speed motorcycle running from Nawalapitiya to Gampola was collided with a lorry arrived from opposite side of the road after the motorcycle over taking a bus it has been reported.

The lorry had fled away from the scene and Gampola Police are conducting an investigation to arrest the lorry driver regarding the accident.

Three Females Arrested In A Secretly Run Brothel House In Narahenpita

Police officers attached to Welikada Police have
yesterday (22)arrested two female sex workers and a managetess of a secretly run Brothel house on the pretext of an ayurveda massage center (SPA) in Nawala,Narahenpita.

The raid which arrested the suspected females had been carried out as per the order given by court number 04 of Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court.

The females arrested during the raid are residents of Madawachchiya,Halmillawa and Vavuniya areas and they are due to be produced before the Hulftsdorf Magistrate court today (23).

A Large Area Of Maoya Reserve Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large area of grassland including the reserve area
had been destroyed in Bandiwewa ,maoya reserve belonging to the Angammadilla National wildlife park at polonnaruwa last noon (22).

The fire was doused after battling four hours it has been reported.The cause of the fire not yet been revealed.

Twenty Three Police Officers Have Been Transferred -Police Headquarters

Twenty Three higher police officers have been
transferred with immediatte effect according to the Police headquarters.

Sixteen Police Inspectors and seven Superintendants of Police (SP)have been transferred accordingly.


Southern Provincial Private Bus Owners To Strike On 25th

Association of Private bus owners in Southern
Province is  due to launch a strike on 25th of July against the cancelling the road licenses of around 140 buses according to the Association.

 National Transport Commission has taken steps to cancel the road licenses of around 140 buses in the Colombo-Matara route the Association has stressed.

A 58 Year Old Drug Queen Of Ambalanthota Area Has Been Arrested

A 58 year old female nick named as "Drug Queen of
Ambalanthota "has been arrested with 66 mili grammes of narcotics and cash earned through selling narcotics at her house in Ambalanthota according to the Police.

Along with the suspected female who had distributed narcotics to several cities including Ambalangoda Police have taken into custody more than Rs.850,000 in cash.

The suspect was arrested and remanded from 2006-2013 ,however soon after released from the  police custody she again started her narcotic business in her house it has been revealed.

Real blessings are the ones receieved from your parents,loved ones and close friends.Everytime when you achieve something ,they are the ones bless you wholeheartedly .No one else will be able to do that honestly throughout our life.

Foreign-Artificial Glacier Growing In The Desert


Medical Students Begun A Continuous Sathyagraha Campaign At Lipton Circus

Medical students attached to the Medical Faculty
Students Action Committee had begun a continuous sathyagraha campaign at the  Lipton circus roundabout in townhall this evening (22) demanding to abolish the Malabe private medical collage (SAITM).

The group of medical students begun their sathyagraha campaign after a protest march conducted from Colombo university premises to the Lipton circus roundabout.The protested students are staging the sathyagraha inside a makeshift shelters built at the roundabout.

The members of Medical Faculty Lecturers Assosiation also arrived at the Lipton circus to support the sathyagraha campaign it has been reported.

However Colombo fort magistrate has earlier issued a court order preventing the Sathyagraha campaign as the spot where the Sathayagraha is in is a public place.

Eight Indian Fishermen Have Been Arrested In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested eight Indian Fishermen
while illegally fishing in sri lankan waters at point pedro with the trawler boat they were in.

The arrested fishermen along with their boat had been handed over to the Assistant director of fisheries in Jaffna for further action.

Seventeen Persons Have Been Hospitalized Due To A Hand Grenade Attack

Seventeen persons have been injured and hospitalized
due to a hand grenade attack occurred during a brawl incident among two groups in vatiya junction at Agunakolapalassa area last night (21).

The injured were admitted to Embilipitiya and Tangalle Hospitals for treatment.

Agunakolapalassa Police have arrested a person regarding the Grenade attack.


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