Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Voting Of US Sponsored Human Rights Resolution Against Sri Lanka To Be Take Place

The voting of the US Sponsored Human Rights Resolution against Sri Lanka is scheduled to take place in coming days at Human Rights Council in Geneva,Switzerland according to foreign media reports..India has already expressed their support for the Resolution while Sri Lankan Government urged their Indian Counterparts to re consider their decision on supporting resolution against Sri Lanka.


Minor Staff Sick Note Campaign Paralyzed Government Hospital Services

vicesMost of the Government  Hospital Services including OPD Clinics,Routine Surgeries,Kitchen Activities,Sanitary Care and Indoor Patient Care were paralyzed today (21) due to the sick note campaign launched by Hospital  Minor Staff Although the Paralyzed Hospital Services were maintained by an Army Officers to some extent majority of patients underwent severe hardships due to the sick note campaign it has been reported.

The Joint Trade Union Alliance compromising 11 hospital minor staff unions organized this sick note campaign.A large number of government hospital  minor staff workers also  hold a protest campaign in front of Lipton Circle this noon by demanding solutions for 8 of their demands

PSM'S Suspended Their Island Wide Strike Action After Received Court Enjoining Order

The Government Hospital Professions Supplementary to Medicine (PSM'S)who are in strike since 13th of march suspended their trade union action this morning following the receiving of enjoining order issued by Colombo District Court restrained their strike action.According to president of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Harendra Kuruppu their council received the court order this morning and it led to suspend the week long island wide strike.

When commenting on  said court order he stressed that the council will act according to advise of their lawyers.

As four professions belongs to PSM'S reported to work today the paralyzed Hospital services due to strike returned to normalcy the hospital sources said.

Those Who Publish Fake Social Media Posts And Spreading Rumours On Corona Situation Will.Be Punished

Those who are posting fake posts in Social media platforms and spreading rumours ,saying coroma positives have been identified in variou...