Friday, February 3, 2017


A Motor Cyclist Was Killed After Colliding With A Iron Fence At Mahawa

A young motor cyclist was killed after colliding with
an iron fence near the Mahawa Railway Station today (04) according to Police Headquarters.

The deceased met with the accident as unable to control the speed of the vehicle.He was on his way to madalgama from daladagama at the timeit has been revealed.

Leprosy Still Not In The Elimination Stage ?

Although Sri Lanka is planning to eliminate Leprosy
from the country by 2020 annually around 2000 Leprosy Patients have been reported from the country according to the Anti Leprosy Campaign.

During the last year (2016) 1853 Leprosy Patients were reported from the country the Campaign has stated.

Around 9- 10 percent of the Leprosy Patients reported from the country have been identified with deformaties related to the disease and that percentage is higher when comparing to other countries in South Asia consultant dermatologist attached to the Central Leprosy Clinic has stated during a media seminar held yesterday (03) regarding Leprosy .

According to him child Leprosy Patients in the country is on the increase and around 9 -10 percent of the Leprosy Patients reported from Sri Lanka are  Children .

To avoid Leprosy becoming an epidemic here public as well as the community physicians and dermatologists need to be well informed of the disease Dr.Amarathunge has stressed.

Independence Day Rehearsals -A Parachutist Got Injured And Hospitalized During The Landing

A parachutist taken part In the final
rehearsals of the 69 the  National Independence Day Celebrations has been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital after got injured during landing the sea area last morning (03) .

Due to the strong winds prevailed in parachutists have decided to land sea area as a precautionary measure and Navy officers have taken steps to bring parachutists to the shore immediately .


Foreign-Vegetable Crisis Hits U.K Supermarkets

OPD Clinics And Routine Surgeries /Treatment Have Paralysed In Govt.Hospitals Due To A Doctors Strike

OPD (Out Door Patients Department)clinics ,routine
surgeries and treatment have been paralyzed in government hospitals island wide yesterday (03)for four hours due to a token doctors  strike launched by Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) against arresting of  ptotesting medical students during a protest march held in Colombo.

OPD patients have faced enormous difficulties due to the doctors token strike during the  morning period it has been reported.

Customs Officers Have Arrested A Stock Of Cigarettes Imported On The Pretext Of Fish Tanks

Sri Lanka Customs officers have  yesterday(03)
arrested a company agent and a warf clerk with a stock of cigarettes  imported  from Singapore illegally on the pretext of Fish Tanks worth around Rs.15.8 million.

 Customs Officers have taken into custody 316,720 Cigarettte Sticks imported illegally by a private company in Kalagedihena,Gampaha area(Western Province).


Police Have Arrested A 77 Year Old Person Who Was Absconding Arrest Warrants For 12 Years

Police have yesterday(02) arrested a 77 year old person who was
 absconding  arrest  warrants over the past twelve years in Bowala ,Walasmulla area.

The arrested person was issued with an arrest warrant over a murder occurred in 1992 at Muruthawela ,Middeniya .

A Ukrainian National Has Been Arrested And Is Being Kept Under Detention For Over Staying In Sri Lanka

Police have arrested a 26 year old Ukrainian National near Malgoda
 Junction  in payagala area for staying in Sri Lanka by violating visa regulations.

The Ukrainian National who does not have a valid visa to stay in Sri Lanka according to his passport has been sent to Mirihana Detention Camp after being produced before the Kalutara Magistrate Court today (03).

CEO Of A Financial Institution In Padukka Was Shot Dead In Horana

Image result for shooting clipartThe chief executive officer (CEO)of a Financial Institution in Padukka area (Colombo) was shot and killed by an unidentified person in Ilimba Junction at Horana this morning(03).

The assassin arrived on a Motor Cycle and shot the CEO and fled the scene it has been reported.

The victim was 48 year old resident of Ingiriya area Police have stated.According to the Police T-56 gun and a 9 mili meter firearm had used for the shooting.

Due to the shooting a salesman attached to a nearby shop too got injured and hospitalized .

Horana Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.



A 40 Year Old Person Died After Colliding With A Tipper Truck

Image result for accident graphic
A 40 year old person has died after colliding with a Tipper Truck in Hungama-Pallerota area yesterday (02)it has been reported.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Mamandala area.

Police have arrested the driver of the Tipper Truck regarding the accident.

Five Parachutists Had Fallen Into The Sea While Involving In Independent Day Rehearsals

Image result for parachutists
Five Parachutists have fallen into the sea during Independent Day Celebration rehearsals today(03) it has been reported.

However Vessels belonging to Sri Lanka Navy have rescued the Parachutists.

The 69th Independence Day Celebrations due to be held at Galle Face Grounds tomorrow(04). 

Around Fifteen Acres Belonging To Pinus Forest Reserve In Upcountry Destroyed Due To A Fire

Image result for hatton pinus reserveAround fifteen  acres belonging to  Pinus forest reserve near the Watawala Tamil School and Hatton Railway track (Upcountry) had been destroyed due to a sudden fire broken out in the reserve this evening.

Accordingly Ten acres near the Tamil School and another five acres near the Hatton Railway track destroyed due to the fire it has been reported.The authorities have controlled the spreading of fire at present according to reports.


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