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Research-Chemicals Found In Fast Food Wrappers And Clothes Are Linked Weight Gain In Women

Chemicals found in fast food packaging and a wide variety of other consumer products could cause weight gain by crushing metabolism - particularly in women, new research claims. Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are used to make food packaging such as bread wrappers, microwave popcorn packs, and paper boards oil or water resistant. 
However, the chemicals can permeate into the food - or from clothes onto the body - and are then ingested and absorbed into the blood stream.Now, a study led by Harvard’s School of Public Health which followed 621 participants for two years has found a clear link between high blood levels of PFASs and lower resting metabolic rate - making it harder to stay slim after weight loss.   Lead researcher Qi Sun warns every single person in the US likely has a detectable level of PFASs in their blood.
They come from an array of products from nonstick cookware to carpet that’s been pretreated to be stainproof to outdoor waterproof clothing. ‘It can be …

From Mayo Clinic-Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health


Foreign-A Baby Held For Months Over Unpaid Bill




Five Persons Injured Due To A Road Accident

Five persons including two females have been injured
one critically ,and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a soil bund in Bagawanthalawa area this evening (13).

The injured were admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Hospital for treatment and the critically injured person was transferred to the Dikoya Hospital for further treatment.

The three wheeler  which carried persons who attended a funeral and travelling from Bagawanthalawa to Maskeliya at the time of the accident ,met with the accident due to the inability of the driver to control the high speed vehicle it has been revealed.

Joint Opposition Group Had Appointed A Committee To Take Decisions On Political Situation

The Joint Opposition group had appointed  a
Committee comprising of it's party leaders under the chairmanship of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe today (13)to take relevant decisions regarding the future political situation of the country.

The Committeee had appointed during a meeting held at the official residance of former President Rajapakshe at Wijerama Mawatha in Colombo -07 this evening.

Joint opposition group representing Podu Jana Peramuna party ha s decided to support president if he decided  to hold fresh parliamentary elections.





President's Office Requested Public To Send Ideas And Proposals On Tackling Bribary,Fraud,Corruption And Waste

The National Programme Against Waste and
Corruption launched by the President's offce begun collecting ideas and proposals of the public on tackling Bribary,Fraud,Corruption,Irregularities and Waste in institutions according to the President's Media Division.

Under this national programme building of an administrative structures and strengthen them to tackle corruption,Building of a wide political and social culture against corruption formalising law instititions are functioning it has been revealed.

Authorities are  expecting the active participation of the public in this programme.Public should submit all the ideas and proposals to the address" National Programme Against Waste and Corruption"  ,President's Office !Colombo-01 or call or fax 001 2431 502 it has been announced.

Alagalla Mountain Reserve Destroyed Due To A Fire

The Alagalla Mountain Reserve in Mawanella Police
division had been destroyed due to a fire erupted in the reserve since this evening according to sources.

The fire is currently speeads in to  more than a  Kilo meter distance and it's visible to Mawanella City the sources said.The mountain reserve had been destroyed due to the lighting of fire to it continuously during dry seasons.

The upcountry railway line is  also located based on the Alagalle reserve and during rainy seasons landslide threats appeared in the railway line it has been revealed.

UNP Parliamentary Group Decided To Continue The Present Government Under The Leadership Of Prime Minister Wikramasinghe

The leaders of the ruling United National Party(UNP)
and it's allied parties have decided to retain Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe to continue as the premier of present government and to appoint a committee to collect proposals on forming of a UNP Government under the leadership of Prime Minister during a decisive meeting held at Temple Treees under the patronage of Prime Minister Wikramasimghe in Colombo this evening (13).

The UNP Parliamentary group including It's Ministers,Deputy Ministers and State Ministers had participated this meeting.

During the meeting it has been decided to allow the national government partner Sri Lanka Freedom Party led by President Maithripala Sirisena to leave the government if tbe party wants.

A section of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers opposed to retain in the government under the leadership of prime minister wikramasinghe.However a group of SLFP MP's are due to join the proposed new government scheduled to be formed shortly.


Winter Olympics: Kim Jong-un calls for further reconciliation




A Three Wheeler And A Trade Stall Have Been Damaged Due To A Fallen Tree In Ambalanthota


Three Sri Lankans Were Arrested With 462 Illegal Cigarette Cartons

Three Sri Lankan house maids  including two females and a male have been arrested by the Anti Narcotic Unit of the Airport Customs  while attempting to smuggle 462 foreign made Cigarette cartons which contains more than 41,000 Cigarette sticks illegally  to the country at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this morning(13).

The suspects have arrived in the Island from Dubai and the stock of Cigarette Cartons were concealed in their luggage it has been revealed.

The stock of Cigarette Cartons were confiscated and the suspects have been released under strict warning . 

More Than 60 Acres Of Land Destroyed Due To The Fire Erupted In Mahathanna Reserve

More than 60 acres of land belonging to the Mahathanna Mountain reserve at Kotawehera in Wellawaya  have been destroyed due to a fire erupted in the reserve since last morning(12)it has been reported.

The fire is still spreading and authorities are still not able to control the fire .The  fire caused due to the dry weather condition prevails in the area according to the Disaster Management Center.

An Agreement Has Been Reached To Form A Single UNP Government -Cabinet Members Are Also Due To Be Reduced To 30 Ministers

An agreement has been reached to form a single United National Party(UNP) government with some internal changes of the party as per a proposal made by  Backbench MP's of the UNP during the meeting held at Prime Minister's official residence Temple Trees in Colombo between the Backbench MP's and the Prme Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe this morning(13) according to the sources.

A group of UNP Backbenches  including MP's Mayantha Dissanayake,Nalin Bandara,Hector Appuhamy and Kavinda Jayawardane were participated this meeting .

At present UNP have 107 members in the Parliament and the Party is short of 08 members to form a stable government,However 10 MP's attached to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party have agreed to join the UNP government to make the forming of a single Government a reality  it has been revealed.

UNP is also considering to reduce the number of Cabinet members in the new government to 30 Ministers  it has been announced.President Maithripala Sirisena was also inf…

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