Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Priavte Buses To Launch An Island Wide Strike After 15th Of February?

The private bus owners association has decided to launch an island wide strike without prior notice after 15th of february if the government failed to grant a price hike in bus fares else some kind of concession according to president of private bus owners association gamunu wijerathne.

Due to the  rising of fuel and motor spare part prices private bus owners needs  some kind of concession to avoid income loss he has stressed.

Supreme Court To Appoint A Fuller Bench On Case Of Chief Justice

The supreme court has today(06) decided to refer the case on challenging the appointment of Mohan Pieris as  chief justice to a fuller bench.supreme court has decided to appoint more than three judges to the fuller bench on this case according to the article 132(3) 11 of the constitution.

The case is scheduled to be summoned on 05th of March.

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