Thursday, June 27, 2019

"පුදුමයි යලි මේ හමුවීම අපේ "- අද අවසන් ගමන් ගිය ඉන්ද්‍රානි සේනාරත්න නම් වූ හෙළයේ ගීත කෝකිලාවියට උපහාර වශයෙනි


අවංක ආදරය හා මිත්‍රත්වය ඇති තැන ජීවිතය පවතී -අව්‍යාජ ගතිපැවතුම් (ව්‍යාජ බවින් තොර)එවැනි සබඳතාවයක් තවත් ශක්තිමත් කරනු ඇත"

අදාළ රූපය

CID Informed The Kurunagala Court That No Proof There To Confirm Allegations Levelled Against Dr.Safi

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID) had today (27)submitted a 210 page report to the Kurunagala Magistrate Court regarding the Senior House officer attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Dr.Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi who is under detention of CID over the allegations levelled against him on Illegal sterilization of Females and earning assets illegal means .

In the Report CID has stated there's no proof to confirm Dr.Safi has performed illegal sterilization, earned assets illegally and related to a Terrorist Organization .

However Kurunagala Hospital Director Dr.Sarath Weera Bandara has submitted a report on the CeaserIan Operations performed by Dr.Safi to the court and accordingly he has performed 3479 Operations to Sinhalese females ,860 to Muslim females and 33 operations to Tamil females. However he is not a consultant VOG but a normal doctor it has been revealed.

CID had also informed the Magistrate Court thst out of the 515 complaints received by the police against Dr.Safi over illegal sterilization 147 had been selected and 13 had been finally referred to Consultant team appointed to inquire on this for the tests .

However only 02 females are eligible to go for the tests and other females have made false complaints CID has revealed. When CID requested the court to give permission to perform tests on these females on 30 th June, Court has refused it .However Court has requested CID to submit a report on how the consultant committe plans to perform tests on the female.

CID is currently working to release Dr.Safi from detention it has been reported 

CID Had Recovered A Stock Of Explosives Buried In Kaththankudy

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID)has today (27)recovered a stock of Deternators, Jelignite Sticks ,Liquid Jelignite and cartridges buried at Olli kulam in Kaththankudy area believes to be belonging to Thowheeth Jamaath Organization.

The stock of Explosives including near 1000 Deternators, 300 Jelignite Sticks, nearly 300 cartridges, 08 litters of Liquid Jelignite, A T-56 firearm had been recovered.

This stock had found as per the information provided by Close aides of Mohommad Zahran ,Mohommad Milhan who had been arrested whilst staying at a lodge near the Jeda  in Saudi Arabia.

Milhan had fled away from the country  a day before the Easter Sunday attacks and resided in Jeda it has been revealed .

Parliament Extended The State Of Emergancy By Another Month

Parliament has today (27)approved the
extending State Of Emergancy by another month .

The Gazette Notification in this regard has been issued on 22nd of June by the president.

State of Emergancy has been declared in the country following the Easter Sunday attacks .

Railway Service Declared As An Essential Service

Government has issued an extra
ordinary Gazette Notification declaring  Railway service as an Essential service from today  (27).

The Gazette Notification has been issued as the Railway Trade unions planned to launch an Island Wide one day strike with effect from midnight tonight  (27)demanding solutions for their demands imcluding  implementing of the Cabinet proposal regarding removing their salary anomalies .

However State MInister of Transport And Civil Aviation Ashok Abeysinghe has stated that under the Gazette Notification a stern legal action can be taken against  Railway Workers who will join the strike .

Ministry of Transport has recallEd  retired engine drivers to work on temporary basis to carry out Railway service it has been announced .

Railway trade unions have decided to launch one day token strike once a week till their demands are met .

Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand