Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tooth Decaying Among The Age Group Between 35-44 Is On Increase-Dental Surgeons

Tooth Decaying is high among the Sri Lankans in the age group between 35-44 according to the Dental Surgeons .among the age groups the tooth decaying among the people belongs to the age group between 35-44 is 89.78%  it has been revealed.

The second highest rate of tooth decaying is reported among the age group between 65-74 with 71.1%  and children under 5 years old having   the third highest rate of tooth decaying in Sri Lanka with 68.31% .

According to the Dental Specialist Dr.Prasanna Jayasekera the tooth decaying among some age groups in Sri Lanka as mentioned earlier is on increase .The main reason for this situation is bad food habits including consuming too much of sweets and sugary drinks Dr.Jayasekera has stressed.sweets and sugary drinks should be consumed in between main meals he has said.

Meanwhile the Community Dental Specialist Dr.Iresha Perera has said that the tooth decaying in Sri Lanka is becoming a national disaster and the authorities should implement educational programmes  to avoid tooth decaying."Tooth Decaying is now becoming the worst disease among Sri Lankans more than Dengue" she has  stressed.

To avoid tooth decay everyone needs to pay special attention on their teeth and should get the necessary advise through the  Dentists she has revealed.

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