Thursday, January 3, 2013

Court Of Appeal Has Stated PSC Has No Legal Authority To Inquire On Chief Justice

The court of appeal today (03) has stated that a parliamentary select committee(PSC) has no legal authority to inquire on allegations against chief justice .the court has satted this by  reading out the Supreme Court intepretation on constitution.

This was revealed  when two petitions filed by Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka were taken up at the Appeal Court today.

The Appeal court further explained that allegations against a judge could only be investigated by an entity with judicial authority. If not the authority of the whole judiciary of the country could be threatened, the Court added.

PSC was established under the standing order 78(A) and the aforementioned order is not a law, the Appeal Court observed.

Court has stated that in order to inquire allegations the Chief Justice, Parliament needs to appoint and committee or an entity endowed with judicial authority.

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