Sunday, March 13, 2016


Due To The Increased Flour Price Price Of A Loaf Of Bread Due To Be Increased By Rs.4-Bakery Unions

Image result for loaf of breadDue to the Price increase of Prima Wheat Flour which came in to effect since yesterday(12)the Price of a loaf of Bread is due to be increased by  Rs. 4.00  according to Bakery Owners Unions.

The Price Increase of the Bread will come in to effect after the Consumer Week which falls from 14th to 20th of March the unions have stated.

The Price of  the  1 Kilo Gramme Of Prima Wheat Flour has been increased by Rs.7.20 with effect from yesterday(12).

Eight Vehicles Collided With Each Other At A Roundabout In Ambalangoda

Eight Vehicles had collided with each other at Madampagoda Roundabout in Ambalangoda(In Southern Province) Today(13) but no one was injured due to the collision according to the Police.

Accordingly a  Cab arrived from wrong side of the Road  had collided with two three wheeler s,four motor bicycles and a lorry parked by side of the  road according to the Police.


A 13 Year Old School Boy Has Died After Falling Down From A Two Story Building At A Temple

A 13 year old School Boy has died after falling down from a two story building at a Temple in  Ambagaswewa , Madirigiriya Area according to the Police.

The School Boy had succumbed to his injuries after admission  to Madirigiriya Hospital in critical condition.The deceased has been identified as a resident in Madirigiriya.

Madirigiriya Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Residents Of Thelippalai And Kopai Areas Who Disowned Their Lands Due To The War Have Been Given Back 701 Acres Of Land

The residents of Thelippalai and Kopai(In Northern Province) Areas who disowned their lands due to the war have been given back 701 Acres of their land yesterday(12) by President Maithripala Sirisena.

Accordingly all the lands vested with Sri Lankan Army in Kopai Area have now been released to the owners the Government has stated.

A function was held yesterday(12) at Nadeshwara School in Thelippalai under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena to  distribute deeds of land to those residents who disowned their lands during the war period.

Nadaraja School and it's Primary School which were used by Armed Forces for their activities during the war period have been given back to the Principles of those schools by the President for  Educational  Activities of the children.


Around 4 Acres Of Land Had Been Destroyed In Haputhale Due To A Sudden Fire

Around 4 acres of land had been destroyed due to a sudden fire occurred at  "Blackwood "Area in Haputhale(In Up Country) .

The Fire Brigade of  Bandarawela,Wild Life Officers and Special Task Force Officers in Haputhale had jointly doused the fire according to reports.

The cause of the fire not yet revealed the Haputhale Police have stated.


Marc Chagall, 1927

Five Higher Police Officers Have Been Transferred On Service Requirements

The Inspector General Of Police (IGP) has transferred Five higher police officers attached to Police Stations with immediate effect based on service requirements.

Accordingly the Chief  Police Inspector of Jaffna Police Headquarters has been transferred to Police Headquarters, The Chief Inspector of Jaffna Divisional Police has been transferred to Jaffna Police Headquarters ,Chief Inspector attached to Fraud Investigation Bureau transferred to Morawewa Police Station ,Chief Inspector of Weeragula Police Station has been transferred to Tangalle Divisional Police and OIC of Kalawana Police Station transferred to Nuwara Eliya Divisional Police.

Sri Lankan Navy Have Arrested 28 Indian Fishermen Yesterday(12) While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lankan Navy have arrested 28 Indian Fishermen in two separate incidents along with three Boats and a Trawler they were in during yesterday(12) while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan Waters according to the Navy Media Unit.

Accordingly 23 Indian Fishermen and three small boats were arrested while fishing in the sea area of Thaulpadu and another 5 Indian Fishermen along with a Trawler arrested while fishing in the seas of Delft Island.

The Navy have handed over the arrested Indian Fishermen and their boats/ trawler to the Police Station in Mannar and Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Jaffna respectively for future course of action.


Power Supply To Some Areas Restored Around 8.08 P.M

Image result for power failure clipartPower Supply to the Colombo and Kandy Areas has been restored around 8.08 P.M according to the sources.However there's no official report on restoring of power supply to all areas in the country  up to now.

Due to the Island Wide Power Failure which occurred around 2.30 p.m today(13) people have faced enormous difficulties it has been reported.Train Services and Water Supply too disrupted heavily due to the power failure which lasted few hours.

Although the Ceylon Electricity Board(CEB) has announced around 4.30 p.m that the power supply will be fully restored around 6 p.m this evening ,power restored to some areas in Colombo and Kandy  around 3.45 p.m went out twice after the announcement .

Ceylon Electricity Board Chairman Has Decided To Step Down From His Post

The Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board(CEB) Anura Wijeypala has decided to step down from his post with immediate effect by taking the responsibility of three Island Wide Power Failures occurred during last six months.

The Ceylon Electricity Board Chairman has announced that he would resign from his post soon after the power restoration in the island is fully completed.

Power Blackout-Restoration Of Power Currently Underway-Power Went Off Again In Several Restored Areas In Colombo -Ceylon Electricity Board

Image result for power failureRestoration of Power is currently underway according to Ceylon Electricity Board(CEB).Power has already restored in Cities of Colombo and Kandy and it will be fully restored soon the Board has stated.

Meanwhile during the restoring process of Power ,it went off again in power restored areas in Colombo City around  one hour ago.However short while ago the Electricity Board managed to  restore the power again in those areas,

The Island Wide Power failure occurred around 2.30 p.m this evening and due to this situation the operational activities in Norochchalai Coal Power Plant has stopped Completely it has been reported.

Meanwhile due to the sudden power failure water supply in most of the areas in the island too got affected and water supply to several areas have been stopped due to this according to National Water Supplies And Drainage Board.

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