Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Trump's Name To Appear On US Virus Relief Cheques


Four Corona virus Positives Identified Today (15)Are From Quarantine Centers

Four out of the five ccorona positives
who had been identified  today (15) are from Quaranntine centers according to Epidemeology Unit .

The fifth corona virus positve is being treated at  a government hosptal it has been reported .

Seven Villages Of Beruwala Are Being Locked Down To Prevent Spreading Of Corona Virus

Seven villlages in Red Risk Zone of 
Beruwala area are being locked down to prevent the spreading of Corona virus according to the Health Authorities .

11,293 villagers in these villages are being directed to a 14 day self isolation the authorities have stated .Only securuty and health personal can enter  and leave these villages it has been revealed .

These villages are being  locked down after detecting few corona virus positives  amomgst the villagers .

106 Year Old Female Had Been Discharged From Birmingham Hospital After Corona Virus Recovery


Government Has Decided To Continue The Curfew Imposed In Six Districts -Curfew In Other Districts To Be Lifted Tomorrow (16 )

Government has today (15)decided to
continue with the curfew imposed in Six districts namely Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara ,Puttalam ,Jaffna and Kandy until further notice as these districts are being identified as high risk zones of spreading corona virus .

However the island wide curfew imposed in other 20 districts is scheduled to be lifted for eight hours tomorrow (16)at 6 a.m and due to be re imposed at 4 p.m in same evening .

The curfew in these 20 districts are being imposed until 6 a.m on next monday (20)and the imposing of curfew again in these districts wil be announced later the government has stated .

Updated -Five Corona Virus Positives Had Been Reported Today (15)- Another Two Positives Had Been Discharged

Five  corona virus positives had been
identified today (15) increasing the number of corona positives reported from the country to 238 according to Epidemeology Unit .

Currently 166  corona virus positives are being treated in four government  hospitals it has been revealed .

Another two corona virus positives had been discharged from hospitals today after being cured .Now the total number of corona virus positives who had been discharged from hospitals stands at 63 .

Meanwhile 143 Corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 25 government hospitals by this noon  according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Indian Migrents Running Away From Quarantine

Updated -113 Persons Taken In To Custody From Colombo District Over Having Close Contacts With Corona Positives In Ja-Ela Area

Sri lanka Navy have today (15)taken in
to custody around 113 persons who had close contacts with corona virus positives identified in Suduwella ,Ja-Ela area during a search operation carried out in Gunasinghepura and Dam streat in Colombo Fort and Nagalagam street and Grandpass areas today (15).

These persons had been sent to the Quarantine Center at Sampur in Trincomalee District for quarantine it has been reported.

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Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...