Friday, April 6, 2018

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FCID Had Arrested Two Chinese Nationals Over Illegally Staying In Sri Lanka And Involved In Illegal Activities

Police Financial Crimes Investigations
Division had today(06)arrrsted two chinese national over staying in Sri Lanka by violating immigration and Emigration laws and deposited Rs.960 million in a bank account without declaring how they earned the money.

The two Chinese Nationals were remanded until 12 th of April after being produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne.

The two suspects had arrived in Sri Lanka with tourist visas and provided false information when getting residence permit it has been revealed.Police also recovered eight passports belonging to eight Chinese Nationals in their possession.


Government To Provide Fertilizer Subsidy To Farmers With Effect From.Tonight

Government will grant new fertilizer subsidy worth Rs.2000 to Farmers for Paddy and other crops cultivation with effect from midnight tonight(06) according to the Minister Of Agriculture Duminda Dissanayake.

Accordingly Paddy farmers will be given a 50 Kilo Gramme Fertilizer Bag contains Urea,MOP And TSP fertilizers worth Rs.500  for Paddy cultivation and a fertilizer bag worth Rs.1500 for other crop cultivation Minister has stressed.

Earlier current government has issued cash vouchers to the farmers to purchase Fertilizer which was not popular among farmers.

Cabinet has recently decided to abolish the cash voucher scheme and re implement the providing of Fertilizer subsidy to farmers implemented during previous government.

Prime Minister Has Requested A Group Of It's MP's To Withdraw The No Confidence Motion Against SLFP Ministers

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe
had requested the Group of United National Party (UNP) MP's to withdraw the no confidence motion the group had handed over to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya against Six Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers according to the Government Information Department.

The no confidence motion against SLFP Ministers was not a decision made by the United National Party according to the Prime Minister ,The Department has said.

No Confidence Motion Against Six SLFP Ministers And Deputy Speaker Handed Over To The Speaker

A group of governing United National
Party(UNP) MP's had today(06)handed over a no confidence motion against six Governing Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers and Deputy Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala who were voted in favor of the no confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe, to the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya in Parliament.

The motion was signed by UNP MP's.
Meanwhile 33 UNP MP's had made a written request from the Prime Minister  Ranil Wkkramasinghe to remove six Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers John Seneviratne,S.B Dissanayake,D,Dayasiri Jayasekare,Chandima Weerakkody ,Susil Premjayantha and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa from.their posts due to they have voted in favor of the No Confidence Mmotion against P.M.

Taking Too Much Vitamins?.Some May Have Linked To Cancer,Diarrhoea And Kidney Stones


Enormous Plane That Looks Like A Whale


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SPORTS-Sri Lanka Won The First Silver Medal In The Commonwealth Games

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Sri Lanka has  managed to won it's first Silver Medal at the 21st of Commonwealth Games currently underway in Gold Coast ,Australia as Sri Lankan weightlifter Indika Disanayake had won the Medal in 69 KG Category of the Games .

The Gold Medal of the event was won by the Weightlifter in Wales while the Bronze Medal was won by an Indian Weightlifter.

According to the latest Medal tally of the Games Sri Lanka has managed to won three Medals, two Bronze and One Silver Medal during the first two days of the Games and all medals were came from Weightlifting category .

New Board Of Directors In Sri Lankan Airlines To Work Without Any Financial Perks Until The Airlines Making Profits

Image result for sri lankan airlinesThe new Board of Directors appointed to  Sri Lankan Airlines recently has decided to work without getting a salary or  other financial perks entitled to them until the Airlines becomes a profitable institution according to it's new Chairman Ranjith Fernando.

Sri Lanka's National Carrier ,Sri Lankan Airlines have a total of nearly Rs.750 million debt to pay and the loss incurred by the Airlines during the financial year ended on 31st of March this year has exceeds Rs.100 million the new Chairman has stated.

The Chairman while holding a media briefing today (06)for the first time since his appointment  has said that he is willing to make changes in the management of the  Sri Lankan Airlines if wants .

President had appointed a five member new Board of Directors  to the Sri Lankan Airlines.


FCID Had Arrested Former CWE Chairman Over Misusing Of State Funds

Image result for sathosaPolice Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) had today (06) arrested the former CWE(Corporation Wholesale Establishment-SATHOSA) Nalin Ruwanjeewa over misusing of state funds worth  Rs.39 million to purchase Carom Boards in 2014  ,while attempting going abroad at Katunayake.

After producing before the Colombo Fort Magistrate Court this evening ,the suspect was remanded until 9 th of April by the Magistrate.

The former CWE Chairman Ruwanjeewa was charged over misusing of state funds to purchase carom boards in late 2014 during the previous regime.

A Case was filed against the former Minister of previous regime the Joint Opposition MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage over the same charges and the Court banned him travelling abroad due to this.

Former Retired Major General Karunasekare Arrested Over Abduction Of A Journalist Was Remanded

Image result for amal karunasekaraThe Former Army Intelligence Unit  Director , retired Army Major General Amal Karunasekare who was arrested yesterday (05) by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials while receiving treatment at Army Hospital has been remanded today(06) until 18th of April by the Colombo Additional Magistrate.
The Retired Major General Karunasekare was arrested over encouraging and helping the abduction of former Journalist attached to the Nation Paper ,Keith Noyar on 22nd of May 2008 .
Colombo Additional Magistrate Chnadani Diaz had today visited the Retired Major General Karunasekare at Army Hospital and ordered him to remand.



Hope for millions with sight loss: Pioneering eye patch improves vision in people battling a common condition that leads to blindness

A pioneering eye patch improves vision in people with severe age-related sight loss, new research suggests.

A pioneering eye patch improves vision in people with severe age-related sight loss (stock)When implanted at the back of the eye of people suffering from dry macular degeneration, all experienced improved or stabilised vision, a US study found.One woman, aged 69, was even able to read 24 letters on an eye chart after having the device fitted, compared to just seven before, the research adds. The device involves placing a wafer-thin patch coated with healthy embryonic retinal cells on the tissue near the optic nerve, which sends impulses to the brain where images are formed. 

Dry macular degeneration affects around 1.75 million people in the US alone and causes reduced central vision due to thinning of the part of the retina responsible for people's direct line of sight.

All four patients' vision improved  

The researchers, from the University of Southern California, placed the patch, measuring 6x4mm, on the retinas of four people with advanced dry macular degeneration.
Each of the participants only had one eye tested, while the other served as a control.
One year on, the patch stabilised the disease in all of the participants' treated eyes, while those that had not received the patch continued to deteriorate. 
Two of the participants were better able to maintain their vision on a single object a year after the implant was fitted.

The researchers believe their findings suggest the patch improves the vision of people with severe age-related dry macular degeneration, at least in the short term.
They plan to conduct a larger trial that tests the device on patients at an earlier stage of the disease.

The findings were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. 

Eating plenty of salmon and mackerel protects against sight loss 

This comes after research released last December suggested eating plenty of salmon, sardines and mackerel may protect against sight loss.
A chemical in oily fish boosts the survival of cells that are critical to vision, protecting against age-related sight decline, a study by Louisiana State University found.
Omega-3 oils 'precondition' cells in the eye to withstand 'stress', such as a loss of blood supply, according to researchers.
In laboratory tests, human eye cells exposed to constant light withstand damage if they are supplemented with such oils, the research adds. 

Although fish oil contains omega-6 AA, which is inflammatory and could therefore cause damage, the fatty acid omega-3 DHA is thought to alter the former substance's effects.(DAILYMAIL HEALTH)

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...