Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three CTB Buses Damaged due to a Bomb Explosion

Three CTB Buses were Completely Damaged Due to a Bomb Explosion inside a CTB Bus Parked at the Central Bus Stand In Pettah Few Minutes ago.According to the Police No Civilian Casualties were Reported.

Munche Lemon Puff Cleared From The Malamine Test

Munche Lemon Puff Biscuits Imported From Switzerland which Earlier Identified as Contaminated with the Chemical "Malamine"now Cleared from that Of fence and Removed It from the Banned List Of Food Items which Contained "Malamine" Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis says in a Press Release Issued on Last Friday.A Day Before Dr.Mendis Issued a Circular and Instructed Authorities to Remove Sixty Milk And Milk Products Which are Contaminated With "Malamine" including the Munche Lemon Puff Biscuits from the Market.Munche Lemon Puff with Real Lemon Flavor as it Mentioned in the Ad found not contaminated with the Chemical "Malamine" in a Test Carried out By the National Health Authority Laboratory in Singapore According to the Health Ministry Press Release.
It is not Clear How can a Food Item Earlier Identified as Contaminated with "Malamine"later Cleared in the Malamine Test.How ever EDNA Chocolate Company was Unfortunate in this as even their Chocolates which are made from using Chinese Milk Powder Cleared by the Ministry Of Health from the Malamine Test but faced a Temporary Ban for Issuing Chocolates to the Market.
Consumer Protection Authority has taken a Separate Sample from the Chinese Milk Powder which EDNA Company is using to Produce Chocolates and sent to Test whether they are Contaminated with "Malamine" and till Receiving the test Report Court has ordered the EDNA Chocolate Company to avoid of Issuing Chocolates to the Market.

"Importers Remove "Malamine" Food Items Before Food Inspectors Remove Them"

Importers had Removed most of their Imported Milk and Milk Products from Super Markets found to be contaminated with the chemical "Malamine" before Food Inspectors enter in to these places and remove them It has been revealed.Soon after the Circular issued Last Thursday (19)Evening by the Director General Of The Health Services instructing the removal of sixty food items identified as contaminating the "Melamine "from the Local Market Importers Removed these food Items Including Some Biscuits and Milk Powder says Chief Medical Officer Of the Colombo Municipal Council Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam."when our Food Inspectors went to Inspect the Super Markets in Town Hall Last Friday Morning they were only able to remove Small Food Items Like Chocolates and Toffees and Most of the Snacks and Biscuits Included in the banned List had removed" he stressed.
Due to this Situation Food Inspectors at the Central Food Control Unit of the Colombo Municipal Council Currently Inspecting the Stores of these Importing Companies to remove these Banned "Melamine" Contaminated Food Items to prevent them from re issued to the Market Dr Kariyawasam further added.Sixty Food Items including Infant Milk Powder,Chocolates,Biscuits and Cereals are Identified as Contaminating the Chemical "Melamine" Known as "Fake Protien".All these Food Items were Manufactured in China and Imported here from Asian and European Countries.