Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Around 30% Who Got sexually Abused During Childhood Abuse Their Own Children-National Child Protection Authority Chairman

Around 30% of those who were sexually abused during their childhood  are later abuse their own children according to president of National Child Protection Authority Mrs.Anoma Dissanayake.due to this situation parents should take care of their children and give them love and protection during their childhood to avoid such situation Mrs.Dissanayake has said.

Addressing a Media Seminar On "Conquering the future challenges for children " held in Health Education Bureau,Colombo today(29) Mrs.Dissanayake has said that according to a survey done in USA 14% of all male prisoners and 36% of all female prisoners have abused their children either physically or mentally due to their own experiences in childhood .

Once In A Decade Storm Hits Western Australia

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