Thursday, May 28, 2009

US President Barack Obama Named A New Ambassador For Sri Lanka

American President Barack Obama today Named Career Diplomat Ms.Patricia Butenis as the New US Ambassador to Sri Lanka.She will replaced the out going US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Robert O Blake.

DNA Tests Of LTTE Leader Prabhakren And His Son Matched Each Other

Sri lankan Army Medical Experts today Confirmed that the DNA Tests of LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaren and His Son Charles Anthoney matched each other.Both of them were killed during Confrontation with Sri Lankan Army last week.

Parents Of The Former LTTE Leader Prabhakaren Lives Under Police Protection

Parents of the Former LTTE Leader Valupillai Prabhakaren were surrendered to the Sri Lankan Army few days ago and now they are staying at the Welfare Village in Northern Sri Lanka Under Police Protection Government Sources said.Prabhakaren's Father Vera swamy Thiruwengadam Velupillai(76) and Mother Valupillai Parvathi Pillai were crossed into the Army lines few days ago with other Civilians along with Prabhakaren's Sister and Brother In Law Sources further added.

Earlier everyone believes Prabhakaren's Parents are reside in India.They are under Special Police Protection for their own Safety Government Sources further Stressed.

Above Picture which was taken most recently shows Former LTTE Leader Prabhakaren who was killed due to an Army Attack last week with his Parents,Wife Madivadini and Son Charles Anthoney.Prabhakaren's Wife and Son too were killed along with other Daughter and Son.

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