Wednesday, January 2, 2019




A Lorry Driver Was Critically Injured Due To A Falling Of A Lorry In To A Precipice

A Lorry driver has been critically
injured and admitted to DiKoya Base Hospital after the Lorry he was driving Falling in to a 50 feet deep precipice at Hatton ,Bagawanthalawa area last night (01).

The incident occurred due to the inability of the driver to control the speed of the vehicle according to Norwood Police. 


Seven Persons Arrested Over Damaging Buddha Statues Had Been Remanded Until 16 th Of January

The seven persons arrested over
damaging of several Buddhist Statues in Mawanalla area recently had been remanded until 16 th of January by the Mawanalla District Judge Magistrate Upul Rajakaruna today  (02 ).

The seven suspects who are  under 25 years of age and residents of Mawanalla ,DelgahaGoda ,Hingula areas had been produced before the Mawanella Magistrate Court today .

Police and Special Police Task Force Personal are currently investigating on to arrest another two suspects regarding the damaging of Buddha Statues.

Meanwhile police nvestigations have revealed these suspects are responsible for damaging Buddha Statues in several other areas of the country including Polgahawela znd Gampola .Although Police have requested the Mawanella Magistrate Court the permission to produce these suspects to courts in other areas as well regarding the incidents, Court has only granted permission to produce the suspects before Polgahawela Magistrate Court on 09 th of January.

Delayed Annual Budget Of This Year To Be Presented To Parliament On 05th Of March

Cabinet has today (02)given approval to
present the delayed Annual budget of the United National Front (UNF)Government  to Parliament on 05th of March this year .

Cabinet has today meet at President's house under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The act regarding the Annual Budget is scheduled to be submitted to Cabinet on next Monday  (07)it has been revealed .The Annual Budget for this year scheduled to be presented to Parliament on 05th of November last year (2018) and delayed due to the Constitutional coup occurred on 26th of October .

However a Vote on  Account passed in Parliament last month has allocated the funds need for government expenditure of first four months of this year .

A Person Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin In Welllawatte

Police officers attached to Anti
Corruption of Colombo District in Welllawatte have today (02)arrested a 38 year old person with 1.513 Kilo Grammes of Heroin in possession near the Welllawatte Railway station .

The suspect is a resident of Modara area.

The estimated value of the haul of Heroin taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is more than Rs.18 million it has been revealed.

Sixteen Persons Had Been Injured Due To A Road Accident In Bagawanthalawa

Sixteen persons including few children
had been injured and hospitalized after the van they were travelling colliding with a Soil Mound at Bagawanthalawa area on Hatton -Balangoda  as a result of a  faulty of breaks in the Van this noon (02 )it has Been reported .

The injured had been admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment. Their condition is not serious it has been revealed .As Catholic priest is also among the injured.

The incident occurred when the Van was travelling to Hatton -DiKoya area from Ratnapura-Hapugadthanna and the road is  with deep inclines according to the Police. 





A Wild Elephant Had Been Critically Injured Due To Gun Shots In Thabbowa

A Wild Elephant in Thabbowa
(A file photo )
Sanctuary at Eluwankulama, Puttalam had been critically injured due to a gun shots few days ago according to Wild Life Department.

The injured Wild Elephant has received three gun shots and although Veterinary Doctors attached to Wild Life Department had begun treating the injured Elephant last Monday (31)morning his condition is still critical according to reports .

Authorities believes a hunter may be  responsible for firing gun shots towards the Wild Elephant.

More Than One Acre Of Land Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire In Castlereigh Reserve

More than One acre of land belonging to Castlereigh Reservoir Reserve had been destroyed due to a fire erupted in the Reserve last evening (01)at Norwood-Rockwood  watte area it has been revealed .

The fishermen in the area had controlled the spreading of fire which spreads rapidly due to the strong winds experienced in the area according to reports .

Authorities believe an individual or a group of persons might have lit the firein the reserve.  

New Year Celebrations? -Eight Persons Including Three Females Had Been Injured And Hospitalized During A Brawl In Puttalam

Eight Persons including three females
had been injured, one of them seriously and admitted to Puttalam Base Hospital last night (01) during a brawl occurred amongst two groups in 80 Houses village ,Daluwa area ,Norochchalai -Puttalam.

The persons involving in the brawl had used swords and knives to attack each other it has been revealed .The injured had been transported to Puttalam Base Hospital by ambulances .

The exact  cause behind the brawl has not yet been revealed.

Two Teenagers Have Drowned Whlist Bathing In Sea

Two teenagers have  died after
drowning in sea area of Habakkala in Kosgoda (Southern Province ) whilst bathing in the sea last evening  (01) it has been reported .

The body of the 19 year old boy has  found last night(01) and the body of the 14 year old found this morning  (02)during a joint search operation carried out by Navy divers and villagers in the area .

The Two deceased were residents of Elpitiya in KaranDeniya area .

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