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Patient Services Of 125 Government Hospitals In Three Provinces Paralyzed Due To The Strike Action Of PSM"S

The issuing of Medicinal Drugs through the OPD Pharmacies,X Ray/Scan Tests,Laboratory Tests and Physiotherapy Treatment offered by around 125 government hospitals in Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces were paralyzed today (06)due to the strike action launched by professions supplementary to medicine(PSM's) hospital sources have revealed.

Due to this situation tens of thousands of patients have faced numerous difficulties the sources said.

However the striking PSM's maintained the emergency services in  the said hospitals and only the routine work has been cancelled during to day the sources added.although main hospitals like Jaffna,Trincomalee,Batticloe,Ampara,Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa issued chits for outdoor patients to purchase drugs from nearby government pharmacies the rural hospital patients returned home with empty handed as those hospitals are not provided such facility it has been revealed.

The PSM's have launched the strike action since  this mornin…