Saturday, November 12, 2016

Brain Implant Helps Woman With ALS To Communicate

Navy Have Arrested Four Suspects Who Captured Turtles Illegally

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have arrested four persons who captured Turtles illegally at Guru Nagar Jetty (In Northern Province)area.

The Navy Personal have also taken into custody two fishing nets from  possession of the suspects.

The four suspects along with fishing nets gave been handed over to the Jaffna fisheries office for future course of action the Navy have stated.


Two Youths Drowned While Bathing At Hulu Ganga (River)

Two youths have been drowned while bathing at Hulu Ganga (River) in Theldeniya area yesterday (12)it has
been reported.

A rescue operation is underway to find the drowned youths according to sources.

Five Indian Kidney Transplant Rackateers Arrested After Escaped From Mirihana Detention Center Have Been Remanded

The five Indian kidney transplant rackateers who had escaped from the Mirihana Detention Center and arrested at Mannar have been remanded until 24th of November by the Mannar Magistrate yesterday (12).

The five suspects were ordered to be produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate Court on 24th .

The Magistrate has also ordered the superintendent of Mirihana Police Headquarters to appear before the court for an explanation regarding the escaping of five Indian kidney transplant rackateers from Mirihana Detention Center.

A Person With 90,750 Liters Of Illicit Liquor Had Arrested At Rideegama

The special police task force personal had arrested a person with 90,750 liters of illicit liquor and
equipment used to make illicit liquor during a raid carried out at Kappettipola area in Rideegama (North Western Province) yesterday (12).

The suspect and the stock of liquor and equipment taken into custody during the raid were handed over to the Rideegama  police for further investigations the Ambakote Special police task force personal have stated.


A Health Insuarance And Dust Allowance To Be Provided To Sanitory Laborers Collecting Garbage - Minister Faizer Musthapah

The sanitory laborers who are collecting garbage for
the Municipal Councils will be provided a health insuarance a dust allowance according to the Minister of provincial councils and local government Faizer Musthapah.

When Minister Musthapah met with the sanitory laborers and Municipal Council employees to get their views on the progress of classified garbage collection programme commenced in November he has instructed the Municipal Commissioners to provide the health insuarance and a dust allowance for sanitory laborers and send them for a health checkup every three months.

Providing Jackets,boots and gloves for these laborers are essential the Minister has advised the Municipal Commissioners.

More Than 95%Of The Local HIV/AIDS Patients Got The Disease Through Unprotected Sexual Activities-Dr.Sisira Liyanage

More than 95% of the HIV/AIDS Patients identified
annually  in Sri Lanka got the disease through unprotected sexual activities according to the Director of National STD/AIDS Control Programme Dr.Sisira Liyanage.

If the society has informed the need to avoid unprotected sexual activities it will help to minimize the spreading of HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka Dr.Liyanage has stated while addressing a Media Briefing held last evening (11) at Hotel Ramada in Colombo regarding "Stripping Off Obstacles for HIV Prevention :Achieving Triple Zeros in 2030".

Addressing the event  Dr.Prageeth Premadasa the Senior Registrar In Venereology attached to National STD/AIDS Control Programme has revealed that since the begining of spreading HIV/AIDS around 88 million people in the globe have been infected with the disease upto now and 35 million died due to the disese by making HIV/AIDS virus as the number one killer virus amongst the viruses.

When giving awareness on HIV/AIDS amongst high risk groups in the country like MSM's ,Drug Users and  Beach Boys most of the non governmental organizations working on HIV prevention activities ate  not providing their support to reach the awareness message to these groups Dr.Janaki Widanapathirana  the consultant community physician attached to the National STD/AIDS Control Programme has stated.

Traffic Light System Showing Sugar Levels Of A Product To Be Introduced For Sugar Based Food Items In The local Market

The traffic light color code system which introduced for soft drinks in last August to show the sugar levels containing will be introduced for other sugar based products like cakes and biscuits within next two months according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala.

Addressing a Media Seminar held yesterday (11) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo on World Diabetes day ,Director General Of Health Services has stated that the Food Advisory Committee of the Ministry Of Health has decided to gazette the introducing of traffic light system for sugar based food items in the market.

The committee is considering to introduce the system for salt and fat based food items as well in the near future Dr.Mahipala has stressed.


Around Eight Families Removed From Little Suriyakande At Maskeliya Due To Landslide Threat

Around eight familes lives in Little Suriyakande area at fairlone estate ,Maskeliya (Central Province) have been removed from their houses due to the landslide threat occurred according to the Maskeliya Police.

Around  fourty six persons including ten children and twenty females belonging to thease removed families are currently staying at houses of their relatives the Police have stated.

As a result of the heavy showers experienced at Maussakale Reservoir area  ,Maskeliya a large area in lower part of line houses have faced landslides reports have stated.

Airport Customs Officers Arrested An Indian National With Undeclared US Dollars At Katunayake Airport

The Airport customs officers have arrested an Indian National who attempted to leave New Delhi with undeclared  US Dollars around 45,000 (Around Rs. 6.6 million) last night at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The suspected Indian National had been arrested while attempting to leave the country via New Delhi bound flight UL 123 it has been reported.


Soon After The Budget 30% Water Tariff Increase Has Been Announced

The national water supply and drainage board has today (12) announced a 30% water tariff increase on average to be come into effect from 01st  of December.
However the schools,low income households and religious places will be exempted from the tariff increase the water board has announced.

However the Chairman of the Water Board K.A.Ansar has stated that increasing of water tariff from once in every three years is a policy and this is the first time since  2012 that a water tariff increase come into effect

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